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Anonymous asked in 商業及金融保險 · 1 decade ago



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    Whether to invest into India or Greater China depends on few things

    - Future outlook for both countries

    - As equity market moves up & down very fast, whether you have enough information to react (i.e. switch in/out of the fund)

    I'll assume the above has been taken care of by your investment advisor, so here is my view,

    Both went up for over 50% this year but I prefer Greater China over India with the following reasons,

    - The economic growth forcast for China is higher than India for the next three years.

    - RMB outlook is defintely positive but INR likely to depreciate.

    - It was due to the India recent election outcome that boost the India market up recently, this political prospects require very active monitoring for investors.

    In general both have positive growth potential but I think uncertainty for China is less.

    Hope this help


    2009-06-09 18:48:59 補充:

    For India funds, I'll prefer to go for ETF listed in HK as management & transaction fee are cheaper and can trade daily. You can refer to this link for all ETF listed in HK.

    Source(s): my experience
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    因為個個月係要硬供, 唔可以停, 就算你知道黎緊個巿會好差, 想停供都唔得~同賣一供最少都要供三年, 如果中途大吉利是失業或者出佐事的話, 冇錢供, 佢就當你斷供. 到時你比佐gei錢係化為烏有

    我之前都好似你咁買佐幾隻, 個基金佬都話就算stock market跌, d 基金都唔會點跌, 點呢幾個月, 我stock都係蝕佐3成, 但個基金就幫我蝕剩3成, 早幾個月我就想話停, 但係根據個regulation,係唔可以停or 賣返做錢..

    而家個個月就硬蝕幾千比佢地..我自己的股票表現, 呢兩三個月我係幾個低位入佐唔少, 之前蝕的都補返,.


    其實基金的手續費係好貴, 首次比要比三個月的費用如果月供二千, 就要比三千, 而呢三千就係比佐個agent,(點解我會知?因為我有朋友做agent)

    如果閣下真係想當儲錢咁, 不如買5仔, or 388, 佢地過十年後的表現, 一定好過d基金最少1倍, 而又唔會比佢地綁死

    我自己幾年前唔識野, 做了一次水魚. 而我見到呢個問題時, 都忍唔住打咁多野,因為我唔想老兄你步我後塵


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    大中華表現比較穩定, 是頗為理想的投資對象。

    至於印度基金, 因為當地市場尚未成熟, 而且國家貧富問題非常嚴重。雖然印度的發展非常急促, 但是要留意當地是由一群有錢人主宰幾乎整個經濟體系, 所以雖然國家購買能力驚人, 但是國民生產總值仍然不入世界排名十大之列。當地的基建尚未完善, 不少地區依然沒有電力供應。短線缺乏令人有信心的增長。當然若果是作長線投資大中華及印度都是好的選擇。

    Source(s): msn/email : , 可電64755255, kay (蘇黎世人壽保險集團的保險顧問)
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    ETF 2836 i股BSE SENSEX印度指數基金, 利用月供股票方式供就得, 手續費只需一次性$50(即2,5%), 無年期限制, 幾時賣都得

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