有鑑於產業發展情形,以及相關研究相對缺乏,本研究以行銷角度探討意象、品牌個性與再宿意願間之影響關係,並以區域民宿為實證調查對象,分別針對九份、花蓮、清境及墾丁四個地區各發放180份問卷,共計問卷數720。並隨機抽取300份問卷以結構方程模式(structural equation modeling;SEM)進行研究假設驗證,藉以瞭解變數間的影響關係。



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    你好 以下為你所要的翻譯內容 請仔細過目 謝謝!

    Bed and breakfast in accordance with Taiwan's industrial development, there appears showing the status of regional competition, but the development of marketing strategies in the high homogeneity because competitors can not compete with the formation of differentiated, leading to ineffective marketing and reduce the competitiveness of industry as a whole. Based on research that the image of tourist destination choice for the important factor, and marketing theory was found to be the brand loyalty of consumers have a positive impact. At the same time, Hosany et al (2006) pointed out that the tourism destination image and brand personality with the relationship between the use of cross-cutting brand to provide strong theoretical evidence, the present prospective study extends the results of their research will be to do a more comprehensive and in-depth study.

    In view of the situation of industrial development, as well as the relative lack of relevant research, this study was to explore the marketing point of view image, brand personality and re-places the wishes of the impact of inter-relations and regional Minshuku for empirical investigation, respectively, for nine, Hualien, Chingjing Kenting area and four of 180 questionnaires were issued, for a total number of 720 questionnaires. And a random sample of 300 questionnaires were distributed to structural equation modeling (structural equation modeling; SEM) study to verify the assumption that in order to understand the impact of the relationship between variables.

    The results showed that "Minshuku product image" significant positive impact "Minshuku product brand personality"; "Minshuku product brand personality" significant positive impact of "re-places the will"; "Minshuku product image" by "product brand personality Minshuku" intermediary the impact of "re-places the will." Implications in terms of management,

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    breakfast industry in the development of marketing strategy should be the regional business Minshuku Minshuku should be based on regional cooperation to build are the characteristics of the brand in order to achieve product differentiation,

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    and differentiation through its loyalty-building to visitors the maintenance of product competitive advantage. So not only can enhance the competitive advantage of industry as a whole, but also by the loyalty established by lower marketing costs,

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    so that the marketing costs spent to maximize synergy.

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