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  • 1 decade ago
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    My individuality likes becoming friends amiably, in the work works on positive, and has the sense of responsibility, nurtures from the little parents to our junction is very open, develops the space freely for us, will enable our future development to be possible not to receive limits, I will study period, will have the quite strong interest to the sightseeing industry, because of the present because of economic level's promotion, everybody more and more will also take time the work leisure activity, therefore I deeply believed that in sightseeing industry this domain, will certainly have bright prospects in the future. The Evergreen Hotel internationally enjoys the suitable fame, provides the service recognition is quite receives the high praise, in studying period very much hoped that can one day, can study under the such good environment, expected that the manager gives me a study the opportunity

    *不保證全對 但願能幫的上忙!!


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