Does anyone know any methods of coping with anxiety/panic attacks?

I am currently 16 years old ad i have been suffering with severe anxiety/ panic disorder since i was 13. I have tried everything from 8 diffrent medications to bio feedback to acupuncture. I see a theripist twice a week and I am currently taking Cymbalta . I have switched schools over this and my grades, relationships, and just my quilaty of life has been greatly effected. I really want to get my life back, if anyone has any suggestions or anything i would really appreciate it so much. Thank You.

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    An answer I read mentioned, "if you think calmer you will be calmer". Although this is a great idea, as an ex panic attack sufferer, when you try to think calmer you panic even more because you know int he back of your mind there are crazy pains in your chest and numbness in your arms that you just can't explain. Even when you do explain them it doesn't matter because they keep getting worse. On top of that you feel them come on all the time and that gets frustrating.

    At 16 I really oppose medication because your brain is just developing and by introducing a chemical that will mess with the uptake and reuptake of neurotransmitters sounds dangerous to me.

    Look at this study,Eli Lilly said that in clinical trials patients treated with Cymbalta for GAD experienced a 46% improvement in anxiety symptoms, compared to 32% for those who took placebo, as measured by the Hamilton Anxiety Scale."

    First of all, how exactly do you measure anxiety? The Hamilton Anxiety Scale was created in the 50's and it was used in the study in 2007, this doesn't make sense to me with all the advancements made over the years. Plus this system uses a subject interviewer system which allows for basis.

    Now that I got that out of the way, I noticed you spoke about bio feedback, is that all you've tried? I know you go to a therapist twice a week, what do you do there? To be honest bio feedback is really not that helpful and it is not even really accepted by medical professionals because there is no proof it works to treat anything.

    If you have the time I recommend you start writing in a journal if you don't already. Focus on the times when you have really bad anxiety. Write what happens before and after you feel a panic attack coming on and see if you can connect it to an event that occurs. This can take months or even years, but there is something that causes your anxiety, but you need to look inward and figure it out.

    Studies show that people who are very passive tend to have anxiety because they basically let the world walk all over them and they never do anything assertively to solve problems or confront difficult situations. If you have some problem you have to attack it with the aggression it requires!

    I think you will be okay, just work hard on figuring out what you need to grow and prosper and try to worry less about the symptoms of anxiety because they can really never hurt you. I;m sure you've realized this after having anxiety for 3 years.

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    You should read Montel's new book "Climbing Higher" because he suffers from MS (Chronic Illiness). This book is very inspiring and should help you. He was recently on an episode of the Dr.'s which explained that everything in live can be helped/cured with a change of attitude. If you think calmly, you will be calmer. See a physiologist to just talk without any meds. Meds have severe side effects and may make your condition worse, especially in teens because of all the hormones. Meds do not work well, obviously and make life more difficult. Keep a journal and let all your feelings out there. Do one step at a time. Do not worry about every person or every thing because it makes it worse. Realistically, you got to let things slide. When I am really stressed/ panicy, I take a deep breath and just focus on one thing that I have to do next (step-by-step). This phrase from family guy makes me laugh, "I'll cross that bridge when I get there." Do not let other ppl get the best of you. Concentrate on doing well at school (what you can get done every night) instead of reaching some goal of someone else's or expectation. Make small goals. I never really had any "friends" just aquantices because I can not trust ppl or do not have high expectations from them. Focus on yourself and pleasing yourself, instead of "friends." Also, this is the perfect time to volunteer! You will feel better about yourself. You can also put it on applications! Idk where, probably nursing homes, churches, park districts, tutoring, thrift stores, etc. Also eat healthy, cut out meat, and eat natural food. It makes a big difference and you will see an instant change! Good luck!

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  • Carol
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    Whatever helps...... U can also TURN UP THE MUSIC..... figure out you to figure out what is causing the panic attacks..... Good Luck... Dont let your mind wander cause it can take you to places you dont want to go and it can definately make that panic attack 10x worse.... much luv pls take care of yourself...

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  • Anonymous
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    xanax is a very powerful anti-anxiety but if you are 16 don't count on it because it is a common street drug now and a highly controlled drug

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