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Short of the feds military, what can the USA claim...?

...that justifies America as the supposed 'Only Super Power'? The fed owns America's banks, businesses, GOP/DNC, real estate, you, military, police, congress, courts, president, money & even our debt!!! The sad part is the fed is not even American, it is a world wide banking cartel. I'd say Ben Bernanke & the fed are the real super power & that America is just a host nation that is ruthlessly exploited to make Bernanke & company the sole super power. Any yeahs or nays on this one???

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    This would be essentially true were it not for the fact that the notes of this private corporation will soon become worthless. So many are being created out of thin air (although borrowed into existence with the taxpayers paying interest on them) which when combined with the unrestrained issuance of CREDIT of the same character, that hyperinflation will destroy these instruments' value as a currency for the Nation and the world.

    One may assume these powers that be have a plan for this, to maintain their power, but consider: Since they already own nearly everything (since few houses, businesses, land, etc are owned without any debt or mortgage on them) will it really matter what new currency arrives to supply us so long as the holders of this debt (bankers mostly) can let their notes pass into extinction while keeping control of the hard assets of the Nation?

    Indeed, the collapse of the currency will increase their holdings, as people must default on loans, unless some may benefit by paying them off with inflated notes.

    There's a train wreck coming of immense proportions. Everyone can see it so since we must assume the bankers have a plan, so must We The People.

    Being inclined to first attempt operating within the system, I have written my Congressperson to support HR1207:

    Dear Representative Schmidt

    As the Federal Reserve has gained absolute and total control over the United States economy by operation of Gresham’s law: “Bad money drives out good” and as the notes of this private corporation comprise the currency of the United States, a diligent inquiry into its books and practices, motives, true ownership and anticipated actions to prevent a total collapse of the value of said notes must be undertaken immediately.

    This is so important to the United States and the entire world economy (should the notes collapse through hyperinflation) that I make these pledges:

    1. Failure on your part to facilitate this by supporting HR 1207 will result in my throwing my support and that of everyone I can persuade to join me in favor of your opponent in the next general election.

    2. Favorable action on your part (and following through with reigning in the Fed) will result in my actively working toward your reelection.

    Remember, the Constitution gives Congress the power to “coin money and regulate the value thereof”. Congress gave that power to the bankers in 1913 and it’s time for it to stop, before it destroys us all.

    Please take the trouble to inform me of your decision, once reached.

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    You are entirely correct. What saddens me the most is that this whole crazy arrangement would be easy to destroy; possibly even using established procedures! Stopping voting for parties that represent "The System" is one approach that could work. Selective consuming is another. If we all removed ourselves from the mainstream media (mass media) then our lives would improve. Refuse to join the military! There can't be a police state created if we educate ourselves to the reality of what we are having done to us: and simply refuse to join the police force.

    It's even making it to the TV that the USA has "nothing" more than a MASSIVE military.

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    Dubya almost ended the U.S. superpower satus.

    Source(s): The U.S. middle class will be a super economic force again to be dealt with!
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    Damn you, now everyone knows. You cant be trusted with a secret.

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    I agree to a point.

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    You may have a point...

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    its coming sooner then you think. the end, one way or another.

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