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What are YOUR thoughts on American Bullies?

Okay, this is my third and final try at getting this to post.

This was a Legit question to a previous one I asked, and I got interesting responses. I figured I would ask it as a different one.

For those who aren't aware, an American Bully is a mix of pit bull, mastiff, and some bulldog. They have their own kennel club now (The ABKC) but are registered through the UKC as APBTs a lot. Some are still known as APBTs even though they obviously are not.

I *personally* don't like people breeding them any more than I like them breeding "shorkies" and "golden doodles".

This is a no attack question. I really do want people's views.

What are your thoughts? Do you like them? Do you think they should be a recognized breed?


Leeanne- Oh yes, i am sure they are some lovely dogs. :)

Update 2:

g4_42- So true.

Update 3:

DJL- I am sorry that happened to you.

Update 4:

Dd- I see where you are coming from. I am just not sure if creating dogs with 30 inchheads is the way to do it...

Update 5:

DJL- That must have been really hard. :(

Update 6:

DJL- I am sure you will meet a nice one sometime though. They aren't all mean. :)

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    Oh wow. These are just the dogs I hate. "Short and stocky". Yes, a great way to destroy the image of the true American Pit Bull Terrier!

    Personally, I find that these "American Bullies" are the dogs that are backyard bred which result in bad temperaments and unpredictable actions. Thus, the 'random attacks' that the so called APBTs are involved in. Yet, every time you look at the APBT that did it, they are the "short and stocky" type.

    Just another BYB scam trying to introduce a "tough" dog.

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    American Bullies look like pygmy hippopotamus. The ones I've seen around the internet look like they can barely move and have a hard time breathing, moving, etc. I honestly can't understand why someone wanted to make the APBT into a steroided up monster, because that's what American Bullies look like. Unfortunately, as long as there are people out there that love how they look, they will continue breeding them. As for those people that think all Pits are killing machines, take a look at the English Bulldog. That breed was used to bait bulls amongst other things. Over the years it has been bred for better temperment. There are quite a few breeds that have been changed over the years. Pits used to be known as nanny dogs. Back in the early 1900's, they were quite popular. The only reason you hear about so many Pitbull attacks in the news is because 9 out of 10 times it gets labeled as a Pitbull even if it isn't since that gets more media attention. Not to mention the dogfighters out there, hyping up the bad reputation. Years ago it was Chows, Akitas, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and the new it dog is the Pitbull.

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    A well-bred APBT is a lovely dog, a gorgeous dog, and in the right hands ... usually a wonderful dog.

    Purposely crossbreeding is wrong. It is as unethical as what you implied ... "shorkies", "goldendoodles" ... and all the other nonsense, but inherently more dangerous ... this is introducing a "fighting" breed's bloodlines to produce a dog that appeals to uneducated potential owners who don't really understand the breeding process ... those who just want a "tough" looking dog without knowing the responsibility that goes with owning one.

    "Breeding" ... if you can even call it that ... for ever-larger head-size and intimidating appearance is in no way beneficial to the dogs that are produced ... and isn't that really the only reason to breed (to improve the breed)?

    I am a bit of a purist, and I don't apologize for that ... I do believe that purebreds should remain purebreds ... however, I do own 2 mutts! But both were rescues and neither was intentionally produced (at least, I don't think so!) And both are lovely dogs who needed a home.

  • I have many problems on them, but I will speak of it later on as I get more into the answer.

    The problem with breeding these dogs is that many of them are riddled with health problems. Breeding for the largest and most bowlegged of them all. Dogs that can barely stand for 3 minutes without panting and breathing hard, puppies that are so damn bowlegged that they can't even play like normal puppies, it just goes on and on and it bothers me that people can actually breed these dogs and call them "American Pit Bull Terrier's", knowing damn well that they aren't.

    What's even worse, is that people actually believe these dogs are the "REAL" APBT's. REAL APBT owners are actually being be told that they have mongrels because they think a APBT should be over 100lbs. Some of these lines such as Razors Edge and Gotti, are easy to prove they are not pure..

    Razors Edge has already admitted that they have crossbred dogs to get a bigger and bulkier looking dog. Now, lets take a look at Gotti..

    Look at Juan Gotti's pedigree, if you notice, he doesn't even have 2 generations filled, let alone 3. His father has alot of "unknowns" on his pedigree, so I don't know how anyone is claiming these dogs are pure. There is virtually no evidence indicating that they are pure, so breeders are just going around making false claims. To a certain extent, I agree with DJL.

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  • Hmmm whats *my* thought on them:








    UGLY -


    I love mutts, but not the ones that are bred intentionally by bybs who do no health testing whatsoever. Why breed mutts when there are so many being killed everyday because of lack of homes?

    I know a user on here that has american bullies and believes them as a real breed! Yeah she was off my contact list immediately, I don't care for people who support bybs. Or in other words the unethical breedings of mutts while there are so many in need of a home but don't get one and are put to death. SICK SICK SICK.

    I mean how the hell are they different from all these doodle mixes? there exactly the same - except this mutt who is bred with no health testing, WILL have bad temperaments due to poor breeding which will result into a HUGE problem! As this dog can do damage BIG damage! This is a dog I would stay VERY VERY FAR from!

    TD me all you want BYBS I really don't give a rats ***. It doesnt effect me, my account, nothing. So go ahead, its all yours, have fun at it, cos as you can tell, I don't give an f :)

  • I cannot stand the way those dogs look. Their proportions are so incredibly extreme which lends itself to genetic defects.

    I am glad that they are now considered separate from APBT. It drives me insane when people call dogs like that APBT. The REAL APBT is a lean, muscular dog that should be "in balance."

    I partially agree with DJL, in the fact that we don't need another bully breed to be established. The bully breeds have enough PR problems without creating an overmuscled intimidating beast.

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    I think that considering how many of the bully breeds already end up in shelters and killed every year, why would anyone want to bring more into the world when there are GREAT and LOVING ones waiting to find forever homes.

    I am a Pitt Bull owner and while I love and adore my pitt, I do understand their breeding history. I would be an ignorant owner if I was not aware of my Sparkles potential to be aggresvie or possible violent.

    That having been said- ANY BREED has the potential to be violent and aggresive. It continues to be unfair sterotype of bullies to label them as the breed that kills and should be feared. It's a sad time when a Pitt is set on fire by their owner in Baltimore and left to burn to death while people stand by and watch. I stand by the argument and believe strongly that it is how a breed is raised and trained by their owners in how they turn out. If you train a dog to fight-it's going to fight. No matter the breed. Maybe people should place some of the blame on the horrible OWNERS who raise their pitt bulls to fight, leave them tied up outside with no food or water....

    It upsets me to see people who say that a breed should be completly flushed out, how ignorant. Do I think more breeds need to be created? No, again hundreds of thousands of Animals get put into shelters each year and many of them (especially bully breeds) are put down. Are there cases where bully breeds attack and injury people? Yes, unfortuantly there are...but has anyone stopped to look at the owners, why were these dogs left unattended, off the leash? Any dog has the potential to be violent and until the public stops relying ignorantly on the media who only report the horror stories, instead of mentioning the Bully Breeds who are rescue dogs, who share their homes with babies and children, who sleep in their owners beds, who are GREAT, AMAZING, and SMART dogs we will continue to have the sterotype.

    Don't bring more bullies into the world when there are people who don't take the time, responsibilty and effort to train and raise them right.

    Source(s): Proud Pitt mommy
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    This is precisely how some of the current and well respected breeds we have nowadays are formed. I'm not saying I condone this breeding, because I don't know if they are going about it correctly, but I'm not against it.

    I believe this is different from "designer dogs" because this is sounds as if it MIGHT be an attempt to create a new breed, not a lazy way to make a buck.

    Once again, I'm not saying I'm for it, but I'm not against it either. I simply don't know enough about the topic to form a sound opinion. But I don't think these can be compared to designer dogs.

    I have to say that I don't like how they are being called APBTs though. That's misleading and false.


    DJL, stop spewing your hate speech. I've been attacked by lots of different dog breeds but have never hated any of them. I'm sorry that happened to you, but it's not the breed that is the problem. Educate yourself.

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    My pit bull is a hard-headed, tongue-lashing machine that would not hurt a fly. I do keep him in a kennel so no one can blame him for any wrongdoings around the area. Recently, my daughter added 2 weaned 1/2 Jack Russells, 1/2 bulldog baby females, which my 2 1/2 yr old pit takes care of them!

    I'm not a regular devoted dog lover (horse lover!) but I do hate the rep certain dogs get because of their owners actions and the parts they play in their dogs' lives.

    As long as there are responsible dog owners to protect what their dog is labeled as, then I would think it would be ok, but there are so many dogs that need homes. All three of ours are rescue dogs.

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    I have an interesting story to tell you, Corgi Girl. My (god) daughter takes Launi to the local dog park at leas 3 times a week. Launi is now almost 11 months old, a beautiful white and grey, uncropped ears and weighing 48 pounds.

    2 weeks ago she ran into a man with a dog very similar to the one on the website in your question. The man owning this freak of nature asked Ashley, "What kind of dog is that"? She answered, "American Pit Bull Terrier".

    He then frowned and told her she might want to check into that.

    Later, another man came to the park with is Boxer as Ashley and the other guy were getting ready to leave.

    The man with the Boxer got out of his truck and asked, "What kind of dog is that"? Ashley responded, "An APBT". The man looked at her and said, "I know what kind of dog YOU have, I want to know what kind of dog HE has."

    I find these outrageous looking dogs a poor example of the APBT. But, I have yet to meet one (there are several in our neighborhood) that was not a big baby.

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