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What is the purpose of a canadian status card and what does it allow you to do?

a few friends from canada mentioned canadian status cards let you travel to the us without a passport...

is this true? and if not what is the purpose of the status cards?

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    I am going to assume that by status card you are referring to the Certificate of Indian Status Card issued by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. This card is issued to all people who meet the requirements of registering as a Status Indian under the Indian Act. Under specific treaties a person with this card can live and work in the US without going through regular immigration channels. This is due to the fact that the border in many cases cuts through the traditional First Nation lands so treaties were put into place to allow free access.

    The current Status Card is being accepted without a passport under a grace period however there is no guarantee that it will last for any length of time. Many First Nations people already have either a passport or enhanced driver's license and use these. At present, the Canadian Government is developing a secure Status Card similar to an enhanced driver's license or passport card. Once in place a First Nations person will be able to apply for the new card which will be accepted in place of a passport. A number of test cards have already been issued however further work is being done on the cards before they are issued to the full native population. To apply for and receive one of these cards a person must prove their status the same way a person applying for a passport must provide proper identification.

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    Its an Indian Status Card. Right now, it is the only piece of identification a Native needs to cross the border. I still need to go and pick up my enhanced Status card, which looks like a newer Canadian driver's licence. In order to qualify for a Status card, you must be a registered Indian, and fall within the boundaries of the Indian Act.

    It also entitles me to not paying PST on certain items, IF I live on Res. And not paying for many prescriptions, IF I live on Res. It is my proof of my ancestry.

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    A Canadian stutus card gets you a gift bag a the border which


    - A beaver

    - $20 in loonies

    - A gift card to roots for $29.95

    - A Molson Canadian (stubby)

    - A guide book for Americans who under Canada health care system

    all become hypochondriacs

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    They are issued to Native Indians and with them There is No Border.

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