If you played a game of chess with your child, would you be disappointed if your child won the game?




Why would a Bible author indicate that the parent (the teacher) is (should be) greater than the child (student)?

Why did Bible authors often try to place us in the servant vs master circumstance?

reference: John 13:16 Verily, verily, I say unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord; neither he that is sent greater than he that sent him.

Do you want your children to humble themselves to you (worship you) or do you simply want them to learn from you, and then make their own decisions?

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    Unc, I'm gonna start off by answering your question first. I played chess with my daughter for a few years and won every time. finally she figured out a new strategy that I never foresaw and beat my butt at it. I was never more proud of her when she finally beat me. It was a total and complete joy for me, and she got a heck of a kick out of it too. I think she enjoyed it even more because I was so happy that she did it. the same when I was a High School teacher, when my students began teaching ME stuff which they had fond out on their own, I was always so very proud of them and happy that they were able to learn material that was beyond my teachings.

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    You will have to read the whole thing to get the point

    We could have discussed this without dragging bible creditability into it.

    I am not a good christian....Still why fuel the debate.

    It is a good personal , philosophical question anyway.

    Kind of why the bible touches on such issues.

    Some or most "not me personally" people want to know their spiritual leaders opinion on things....not always a bad thing

    Most people need their thinking validated

    Now bible stuff aside.....

    I love it when a child or student or anyone I am given the responsibility to guide and instruct can best me

    Means I did the job well, and bought out their best

    and is a great feeling...their accomplishment was empowered by you

    Uplifting as hell......."don't let it go to your head" you/me ain't all that

    Humility is important....but I have no need for someone to humble themselves to me

    Then again I really respect strength....and not weak

    Pity/Empathy is for weak....

    Here is a curve ball

    Have you ever trained someone at work......

    They were kind of slow to catch on....but

    You didn't tell them that....you kept trying to build their confidence with "your doing Good" and "It takes a while" and "you got to hold your face just right"..."More art then skill"....etc.

    Then when this slow to learn mediocre individual that YOU empowered to learn

    "Their fate was in your hands could have told the powers they WERE NOT GETTING IT".....but you gave them a chance...a break...empowered them

    Anyway when they got to where they mastered it

    THEY TURNED ON YOU..........

    Actually happens more then you think when you are in a mentoring role

    Maybe that is what they meant in the bible quote

    As much as I want it to be ....It ain't a perfect world

    Takes all kinds....Respect is important

    Source(s): Note...and yes Uncle Wayne sometimes i think they use religion to control
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    Board Games

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    While I don't have a child I will take a stab at this.

    I am a Christian, one of Jehovah's Witnesses, and an avid Chess player.

    If I played chess with, for instance, my neice, and she slaughtered me, due to her Clear skill/mastery of the game, I'd be so pleased I could bust. If however, she the novice, played a Horrid game, and still slaughtered me, I'd be REALLY embaressed as "obviously" I wasn't playing as well as I should have.

    As for this query "Do you want your children to humble themselves to you (worship you) or do you simply want them to learn from you, and then make their own decisions?" I'm reminded of my Mom teaching my older brothers to drive. She made it clear that While being Trained they needed to heed her counsel, IE, follow her lead. Being teens it didn't take long for the "I know better than you attitude" to take over. Especially while operating a vehicle this mindset could be disasterous.

    Much the same, while it's hope of ALL parents, or should be, for their children/students to improve and grow, humility is often a Key ingredient in being taught.

    My nephew when 5? was in the habit of telling his Grandfather, "I already KNOW that" about most everything, to the point that the boy was a brat. He felt quite free to beat on others, especially females, including my Mother. His parents have largely taught him he is better than Everyone else, except them. While I'm glad he has a strong self image, I feel it would be better to teach him, that EVERYONE, including him/Especially him at 6 years of age, has much to learn.

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    The game of chess you mentioned is a great game and I would not be disappointed if my kids beat me and if they practiced enough and matured in their though processes they very well could, but the fact is they would have to learn the rules, understand them and use them to their advantage as well as think ahead more turns than I. But at this moment I have to coach them along, because they don't have the ability to look ahead and are just understanding the rules, even though they belong to chess club and play well against their peers. So in the same way God gives us rules and a mind to think ahead of the consequences of our decisions. We are all guilty of not playing be the rules that God gives us in the Ten Commandments. God created life, where once there was none by just His word. Can you do that? Can you keep all of the Ten Commandments? I bet like me you could not have kept a single one. Jesus did and in fact He was the Word that created life. And even though He was God He humbled himself to serve you in He death upon the cross,if you would just believe. Regardless of how you look at it you are the servant of someone or something, the question is who are you serving?

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    Well your comparing the relationship between things that are not exactly reciprocals. The Bible emphasis that we are less than God, because we ARE. It was Satan the Devil who claimed that we ourselves could be just like God........that as we found out was a complete lie. Parents, just as God want us to grow, learn, experience, and enjoy things. However, just like God, parents also want us to ALWAYS remember that we are THEIR children and should always show a reverential respect, right? It is only reasonable to want that respect, because they took care of us when we could not take care of ourselves, and they loved us unconditionally when we had no concept of what love even was. Jehovah God does the basically the same with us. He does not treat us like the pitiful dust that we are, but rather he created us GREATER and COMPLETELY unique to all animals. He made us with the ability to reflect his OWN qualities, and he made us beautiful Earth, filled with beautiful things, and gave us a wonderful body to enjoy it. He even created us with extra 'uneccesary' abilities that enhance our life, like the ability to 'taste' different foods, appreciate music, humor, art and have a memory. He did all of this out of Love for us, before we even knew what Love was. All he asks is that we reconize our positions as creatures, worship him correctly, and praise his name. Being humble and worshiping may be related but they are not the same thing. Parents want their Children to have a healthy and reverential fear of them, but not worship, but Parents are not God's, they are simply responsible for creating our specific lives, but ALL life comes from Jehovah God, he being our loving Creator deserves such worship. (1 John 4:8)

    But about your Chess question - I would be somewhat embarassed and at the same time proud. I mean atleast you know your child isn't a dullard. lol

    Source(s): Edit: Hey, IshVarLan - Maybe we should play sometimes.
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    No, I hope that would be a case since I have never played chess

    No, it is not like that. The Father is higher in the office but not in the essence. There is only One True God in Trinity

    We should always serve each other and God is worthy of our service and worship. Jesus also wash His disciples feet, it is a noble thing to serve others

    Only God is worthy of the worship, do not compare yourself with God. God lets us to make choices. We cannot offer eternal life for our children, but God can do that to us. So, if you want to have eternal life in heaven with God, do what He asks you to do.

  • No! I play lots of games with my children! We have a great time!

    They are 'individuals' growing and learning. It is my job to instill certain priorities to help them along their way. I want them to stand on their own, with their own values, opinions, principals and integrity.

    They have their own lives to live. I have lived mine.

    I hope and pray I have been a good example for them to follow with respect, truth, faith hope and love. :D

    A teacher learns just as much, if not more from his students.

    I have truly learned a lot from raising six children and have had a blast just being their mom.

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    Jesus was on this earth as a servant, he was really much greater than a servant, but lowered himself-

    The Lord says we are to raise children to honor God not man.

    Worship God not man.

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    My dad was and I could never understand that (I was 6 and it was my very first time playing, I beat him is 8 moves).

    We are to teach that which we know.

    Because we are.


    You humble yourself to your teaches, which is to say that you do not get uppity with them. You are to learn from the teacher, not teach the teacher.

    As the child grows in wisdom, that child is allowed to make more and more of its own decisions, until one day it is both old enough and wise enough to make all of its own decisions.

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    I would be happy for the child of course.

    However playing a board game is quite different than holding the balance of your own mortality in your hands.

    I would agree with the yahoo'r ssss above me a few comments up.

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