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I like to stare at knives..when I don't feel good..?

On those days where I get pretty down I like to stare at knives for hours.... is that normal?

In general I'm obsessed with knives.... I can't stop thinking about them and imagining cutting myself with them. I don't cut, but that's only because I don't trust my antiseptic. I have to get a new antiseptic tomorrow. I am a germaphobe.

I don't know wtf is wrong with me.


Bert => I love how you jump to conclusions. Do you do that all the time or only when you want to be condescending?

Update 2:

Sorry, I overreacted with the above, don't worry, you weren't condescending... why do I do this.

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    I know how you feel. I have also become obsessed with them, and watch the knife rack (I also bought a knife, and a pack with it, and wear it around my belt because of paranoia and a sense of security; I keep it with me at all times, I even sleep with my knife in one hand. I sometimes take it out and flick it open and closed.)

    I also don't cut.

    From my own experience I have to say you are undergoing a depressive state of mind that finds the thoughts of knives as reassurance. Reassurance of what, you may ask? Reassurance that you're so close to tools that can be used to kill yourself. Depressive minds eventually, if left untreated, transmit suicidal thoughts. You may stare at the knife rack because you fancy killing yourself, or maybe, just maybe, you have a sense that knives can help alleviate your pain.

    But they don't. They can be used to do nasty things, horrible things. They generate pain, not subdue it. Before things spin further out of control, and the next step becomes 'taking' a knife, seek out help. The mind does strange things under pressure, and mark my words, you never know how you will react in future. Don't take that chance.

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    are you depressed?

    dont kill yourself..

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