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haha. j/k

I want to become one. (:

What type of Nurse are you? For how many years? And how much do you make? And maybe where?

Any other details or advice will be appreciated.

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    I am an LPN and it took me approximately 2 years to finish schooling. I don't work in a traditional nursing job. I am a medical writer and have been since December of 2007 and make approximately $32,00 per year.

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    I was a nursing major, but I dreaded going to class, so I had to change my major. You on the other hand, like studying nursing. If you already like it, I think you will have no problem working as a nurse. There is always a negative side of everything, and yes you do have to work long hours at the hospital, but you can become a work at home nurse answering peoples medical questions, you can even work at the jail and not have long hours. It just depends on what you want to do. I would say continue studying nursing because they make a lot of money, and you already enjoy what you do.

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    Ive been one for 8 years i love it helping people just makes me happy i remember when i was getting a shpt qhat i was younger and a nurse laughed at me it was horrible i hated nurses for a while and then i became one! how great is that i just llvoe how nurses are i love tham we make or at least i make 25 dollars an hour but really to me working as a nurse is all fun and games :) i work at kaiser permanente its so much fun sometimes i steal moeny from the moeny drwaer i never get caught either but my boss said that he needs to talk to me anout something seriously important tomorrow ? but imnot sure why?!

    haah well i guess im going to have to see and find out what it going on!

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    im not a nurse but i want to go to nursing school then med school. there are licensed vocational nurses, registered nurses, and nurse practitioners to name a few. iyou can go to a junir college or a university in order to achieve the prereqs. should take about 2 years. its 2 years minimum in nursing school. and i believe that makes you a lvn. rn's have college degrees and it takes about 2 to 3 years to get the rn. and np's have their rn and practice for a few years in graduate programs and they get their masters and they can prescribe medicine.

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    Im not one but my mom is and so is my friend.

    My mom works in Geriatrics

    she likes it because they need her help

    and its not as "stressful" as it could be.

    My friend likes the ER because it is fast past.

    Depends on what your interested in. If you hate kids... then pediatrics probably would be the wrong place

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