Famous things from your Country?

From your country,name a famous:

Famous Person:





Tv Show:









Land mark:

Quote: eg. G'day (Australia)

Tv Series:


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    Famous Person: Steve Irwin.

    Actor: Hugh Jackman.

    Singer: Kylie Minogue.

    Actress: Nicole Kidman.

    Band: INXS

    Tv Show: Kath and Kim

    Movie: Crocodile Dundee.

    Sport: Cricket

    Athlete: Ian Thorpe.

    Polotition: Sir Robert Menzies.

    Animal: Kangaroo.

    Food: Pavlova (yes it's ours! lol)

    Drink: Fosters beer.

    City: Sydney.

    Land mark: Sydney Harbour Bridge.

    Quote: eg. G'day (Australia) Fair dinkum.

    Tv Series: Neighbours.

    Car: Holden ute.

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    From your country,name a famous: Australia

    Famous Person: Kevin Rudd

    Actor: Hugh Jackman

    Singer: Kylie Minogue

    Actress: Nicole Kidman

    Band: AC/DC

    Tv Show: Neighbours

    Movie: Australia

    Sport: Rugby League

    Athlete: Ian Thorpe

    Polotition Kevin Rudd

    Animal: Kangaroo

    Food: Vegemite

    Drink: VB (Victoria Bitter)

    City: Sydney

    Land mark: Opera House

    Quote: eg. G'day (Australia): G'day

    Tv Series: Home and Away

    Car: Holden

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    1 decade ago

    Famous Person: William Shatner

    Actor: Mike Myers

    Singer: Avril Lavigne

    Actress: Rachel McAdams

    Band: Nickelback

    Tv Show: Corner Gas

    Movie: Canadian Bacon (LMAO)

    Sport: Hockey

    Athlete: Wayne Gretzky

    Polotition: Peter MacKay

    Animal: Beaver

    Food: Bacon

    Drink: Beer

    City: Toronto

    Land mark: NIagara Falls

    Quote: eg. Eh?

    Tv Series: Corner Gas

    Car: Ford Windstar

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Famous Person: Hugh Jackman

    Actor: Heath Ledger

    Singer: Kylie Minogue

    Actress: Nicole Kidman

    Band: AC/DC

    Tv Show: Kath and Kim

    Movie: The Castle

    Sport: Tackling Crocodiles

    Athlete: Billy Slater

    Politician: Kevin Rudd

    Animal: Wombat

    Food: Meat Pie

    Drink: XXXX beer

    City: Melbourne

    Land mark: Ayres Rock

    Quote: Crikey!

    TV Series: Neighbours

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  • 1 decade ago

    From your country,name a famous:

    Famous Person:George Washington

    Actor:Tom Cruise

    Singer:Britney Spears

    Actress:Angelina Jolie

    Band:Rolling Stones

    Tv Show:The Hills :(

    Movie:Hot Rod


    Athlete:jerry rice

    Polotition: George W Bush ugh :(((

    Animal: Deer


    Drink:dr pepper

    City:San francisco

    Land mark:white house

    Quote: eg. G'day (Australia): Memorial Day

    Tv Series:Spongebob

    Car:Dodge Viper

    the more answers i put the less i want to live in the stupid US

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Famous Person: Bill Gates

    Actor: Tom Cruise

    Singer: Cher

    Actress: Annette Benning

    Band: Blink 182

    Tv Show: South Park

    Movie: Aliens

    Sport: Football

    Athlete: Andre Agassi

    Politician: Kennedy

    Animal: Dog

    Food: McDonald's

    Drink: Coca Cola

    City: Los Angeles

    Land mark: Mt. Rushmore

    Quote: Home of the Brave

    Tv Series: Cheers

    Car: Punch Bug

  • 1 decade ago

    Famous Person: Barack Obama

    Actor: That guy from twilight lol


    Actress:Mily cyrus which i hate but true


    Tv Show:American Idol


    Sport:spli between Football and Baseball



    Animal:bald eagle




    Land mark:Statue of liberty

    Quote: eg. G'day (Australia) Hi

    Tv Series:

    Car: Hybrids i guess lol

  • 1 decade ago

    Person: Thomas Edison

    Actor: Will Smith

    Singer: Sinatra

    Actress: Ruth Chatterton (related)

    Band: System of a Down

    Show: Seinfeld

    Movie: Scarface

    Sport: Basketball

    Athlete: Jim Thorpe

    Politician: JFK

    Animal: Bald Eagle

    Food: Chicken Fried Steak

    Drink: Bourbon

    City: Las Vegas

    Land Mark: Grand Arches

    Quote: fuggetaboutit

    TV Series: CSI

    Car: Cutlass 442

  • Alexis
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    1 decade ago


    Famous Person: ....uh...Avril Lavigne

    Actor: Nolan Gerard Funk

    Singer: Carly Rae Jepsen

    Actress: Pamela Anderson

    Band: Marianas Trench (yes its a band)

    Tv Show: ..IDK

    Movie: I have no clue, I did some research and I still dont know

    Sport: Hockey!!!

    Athlete: Sidney Crosby

    Polotition: ...uh...Jean Chretien

    Animal: ,...Moose, Beaver, Caribou

    Food: Smarties

    Drink: Candian Beer

    City: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver

    Land mark: Niagara Falls

    Quote: eg. G'day (Australia) Eh?

    Tv Series: ..no clue

    Car: ..still no clue.

  • 1 decade ago

    Famous Person: Lollypop III

    Actor: Frankenstein

    Singer: Bar B. Doll

    Actress: A person who acts.

    Band: Pickled Pineapples and The Monkey toes

    Tv Show: Pencils: Something to write with, or point objects of DOOM?

    Movie: Movies are for giraffes *snort*

    Sport: Hockit Pockit

    Athlete: Stinky Pete

    Polotition: nah

    Animal: Slurtle

    Food: Slurtle Soup

    Drink: Mercury

    City: Old Flooglin

    Land mark: Your mother

    Quote: Dont make me get the chainsaw!

    Tv Series: didnt you ask that earlier?

    Car: whats a car?

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