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How do you deal with attention seeking people?

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    Attention seeking children in the classroom can drain the mental and physical resources of teacher and teacher's aides. They will constantly seek out ways to draw staff away from other children and monopolise their time so that they can have the most attention from teachers. There are various reasons why children are attention seekers. Some of the reasons may never come to light, while others are glaringly obvious.

    Teachers will soon discover who is an attention seeking child and who is in genuine need of extra instruction in order to complete their assigned task. The attention seeker will say they need help, but will expect the teacher to do the work for them, thereby using up their time on just one child.

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    One of my best friends is one of those obnoxious attention-seekers and I've had to learn to deal with her in a very simple way:


    Cruel? Possibly. Effective? Definitely.

    Every time she comes to me with one of her "problems" (which are usually dumber than a bag of rocks), I reply snarkily and, over time, she's learned that I don't take 98% of her problems seriously.

    Occasionally, if her problems are just ridiculous to the point of...well, insanity, I'll say, "Liz, you don't have AIDS and you're not starving to death, so just shut up."

    My method won't keep the attention-seeker from seeking attention, but it will keep him or her from seeking it from you (when they're being ridiculous).

    Hope that helped!

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    forget approximately her. For this to be Most worthy, you and the the remainder of her acquaintances ought to try this jointly. she would be able to purpose some interest getting stunts, and could be stressful for a jointly as, yet come to a decision to proceed to forget approximately her. whilst she sees that her stunts are not getting her the attention she seeks, then she would be able to end. in spite of the incontrovertible fact that, message back to her which you compromise that she is grotesque, and tell her that she concept incorrect and you do unlike her. propose that she seek for counselling.

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    Tell them that they seek attention too much. Tell that they are not the only ones that matter and that everyone deserves their share of attention.

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    Good question.

    Unfortunately, I'm a bigger attention-seeker than anyone I've ever known.

    So in my case, the question is actually "how do the people I know deal with me?"

    Love and tolerance. Plain and simple.

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    It depends. Most of the time I don't give them the attention that they want. I figure that would just empower them to want more.

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    Ignore them

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    I don't give them attention and let them bother someone else. Very vague and bad question.

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    The only way to make someone see how there are. Is to do it to them.

    Hold that mirror up and let them see what it feels like.

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    seem like your paying attention to them but your really not though

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