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Is the world in the midst of a sharp turn to the right?

The best news for right-wingers in years is in today, as the left has been rejected across Europe in the European Parliament elections. In Britain, the Conservative Party has taken 1st place, followed by the UKIP, which is to their right (the centrist Liberal Democrats and leftist Labour Party are neck-and-neck for 3rd).

How long until Americans begin to follow their lead and reject the leftist Democratic Party? America is now the only major western country where the left is doing well. How much longer will that last?

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    Your question is prevaricating or uninformed. You tell us.

    You don't seem to realize that the Conservatiives of the EU are not right wingers.

    Canada's ruling government is an uneasy alliance between the Conservative Party and Bloq Quebec, which could fracture over the tiniest detail. Canada's right wingers, the reformists, imploded as the Canadian Alliance in the 1990s.

    And you're focusing on one hemisphere. For example, a quick survey of our neighbors to the south.

    Central America:

    In Nicaragua, Sandinista Party Leader Daniel Ortega has been elected president.

    Panama's centrist government holds as it acts as a clearinghouse for drug smugglers.

    In South America:

    All but Colombia elect center-left leaders.

    Chile: President Michele Bachelet is openly atheist in a Roman Catholic Country.

    Brazil: Same for their president.

    Venezuela and Bolivia elected far left presidents.

    Argentina's center-left President Christina Fernandez-Kirchner is an agnostic. When her husband, center-left Nestor was president, he faced a worse economic meltdown than Obama and turned around the country's economy. Nestor Kirchner also eliminated the paid position of Catholic Bishop for the military. He told the church to pay if they wanted him, for which he received huge support.

    The OAS made overtures to Cuba, with conditions.

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    Even though parts of Europe are considered "western" along with the US, you must remember the US is a far different environment than Europe and has its own subset of problems. The political winds of America do not always, if ever, match the ones of Europe.

    Furthermore, your assertion that the Democratic party is "leftist" is, at best, hyperbole. Yes, it's true that the Democrats tend to be left of Republicans, but keep in mind that Democrats tend to be centrist on an absolute scale - case and point Obama. Yes he is more liberal than the Republicans, but Obama leads from the center, looking to find a compromise between left and right. That is true of most Democrats. There are very few Democrats who could be considered "leftist", or, to a greater extreme, "socialist." Just look at some senators from Pennsylvania or Minnesota. Yes they are Democrats but they tend to be center or center-left, not leftist.

    So to answer your question, there's no way to to really tell for sure when America will follow. It depends on how well Obama and the Democrats are are at keeping their campaign promises of helping the economy and reforming healthcare so that it is affordable and high-quality for the majority of Americans.

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    Actually yes. What these hipsters who think their sh*t doesn't stink don't know is that ultra-left and ultra-right agenda's are pretty much the same expect that they want to force different lifestyles on EVERYONE.

    Where the ultra right wants everyone to live the fake christian conservative "America first who-rah" lifestyle the ultra left wants everyone to live the modern metropolitan iphone fake art a**hole lifestyle. Either way you have a group that will not accept anyone else not being like them.

    So guess what. You're correct... if you push too many people to the left against their will they're going to tug to the right. It's exactly what happened under bush except that under Obama everything is being turned around.

    Both sides are capable of good but with the economic crisis getting worse I think you're going to see a humble conserve shift in american living. All of the sudden 'hooking up at parties' won't really be that cool any more and people will concentrate on family and having people you can count on. Money won't be blown on nonsense once social programs start giving away less and less due to 25% of the country getting some sort of assistance. The environment will be helped but it won't be because of militant hipsters -- it'll be due to the fact that people will use less and reuse more. Young americans will have to get off of their high horses because life will force them too.

    It's about time.

  • Nope if you would look close the world is following the USA in throwing out the parties that caused this mess. In many of those the incumbents were "Liberals" but also a lot of incumbent "Conservatives" got thrown out of office world wide.

    Always faithful we did read the Patriot Act, the Military Powers Act and as much of FISA as has been de-classified. THAT was a major part of why we dumped the Republicans.

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    When folks in America wake up to the loss of freedoms and the huge government intrusion into every aspect of their lives at an unacceptable cost.

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    The world is in the middle of a great change to the center

  • xtina
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    Hopefully soon America will stop the madness and get back to the basics of our Founding Fathers - faith, family and personal responsibility.

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    Ditto to xtina and we all treat each other as we wish to be treated

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