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Why would David Carradine tie a rope to his genitals?

Some people are saying he commited suicide, but if he really just wanted to kill himself why would he tie a rope to his neck AND his genitals. Doesn't that seem like something a murderer would do to humiliate him? Also, If it was a death from heart failure like they also said it could be, why would he be hanging naked in a closet? This all sounds like murder to me.

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    I agree with you 100%. Some are saying auto-erotic asphyxiation. I don't buy that either. A man who spends years perfecting or at least trying to perfect his body to become a healthy peaceful person doesn't commit suicide or any of the other things they are saying. Jealousy is NOT becoming.

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    New reports are coming out everyday that sheds light on the tragic senseless death. Seems as though david Carradenes last wife of 10 years said Carradene often tied his self up and engaged in Kinky sex that could be fatal. Perhaps we do not know people like we wish we did.

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    He wasn't hanging in the closet he was balled up naked with hands tied behind back,a shoestring tied around his balls,a nylon cord around his neck.Yes he cared about his body,that's why he didn't take the blue pill.He choose this way to get an erection.The person that tied him up screwed up and didn't remove the cord around his neck in time.They freaked out and put him in the closet to buy more time.Hopefully the person is caught and charged with second degree murder.

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    My guess would be that he had an accomplice who booked when things went awry. How could he have tied his hands behind his back? I suppose he forgot the safety word. Though the Thai police say that security cameras show no one visiting him this footage could have been edited out. Think about it. Sex tourism is a big business in Thailand. They can't have it getting out that people die while they have Thai sex-workers employed.

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    When a American is in another country they always try to damage that persons image, and the authorities in other countries always try to blame the americans like if we are freaks. I heard that Thailand is a very dangerous and strange country we always have to be careful when we are out of town specially in a country that is not our own. I beleive my self it was murder.

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    Freak not "Groove" You look like Chick Norris

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    Autoerotic-asphyxiation perhaps?

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