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Speech in "Crazy Out of Alabama"?


In "Crazy Out of Alabama" at the end there was a jury hearing and lucille was talking about how her husband was to her all those years of marriage. Do any of you happen to know the speech or have it ? or know where to get it? I reallllly need it. Please and thank you.

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    Following is the transcript of what Lucille Vinson in the movie "Crazy in Alabama (1999)" told the court:

    Thank you, Your Honour.

    I guess I'll just start at the beginning.

    The night that we got married....

    Mama, remember?

    Chester got so drunk...

    ...that he just ran off with his coon-hunting buddies...

    ...and he forgot all about me.

    And he stayed gone for three days.

    Number two...

    ...the time that I was pregnant with Sond...

    ...we went to the football game and my water broke...

    ...but he didn't wanna leave... I had to stand there with water running down my legs until halftime.

    There are worse things on this list.

    He used to poke holes in my diaphragm with a pin...

    ...because he loved having me pregnant...

    ...because that way I could stay home and take care of him, cater to him.

    So I was pregnant for 54 months of my life.

    And he used to cheat on me all the time.

    He cheated on me when I was pregnant.

    The last one was with my best friend.

    That's right. I'm talking about you, Charlene!

    I knew about it the whole goddamn time!

    I did.

    And he used to hit me all the time.

    Dove, you don't know how many times I went to the emergency hospital....

    I went to the emergency hospital. I covered up my bruises with makeup...

    ...because I knew that if you knew...

    ...that you would kill him.

    Well, now you don't have to.

    That's not the worst part.

    The worst part is that he used to...

    ...hit the kids when I wasn't around.

    And they were just scared to death of him... babies.


    Thank you. Right.

    You know...

    ...there are lots of ways...

    ...that you can kill a person.

    There are slow ways and there are fast ways.

    And Chester was killing me the slow way for 13 years.

    You know, you stay....

    You spend the whole day making a beautiful meal for your husband...

    ...and he gobbles it down in five minutes...

    ...and he never says thank you, and a little piece of you dies.

    Or you try to talk to him...

    ...and he tries to look around you so he can see the TV.

    He's just killing you.

    He's just using you up.

    He's just watching you grow old and waiting for you to die.

    I just hope...

    ...that you'll let me go back to my babies.

    I'm not guilty.

    Because what I did...

    ...I did it in self-defence.

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