Transitioning to larger table foods?

My daughter has been eating the same things as we do for several months now, however I have always broken her food up into bite sized pieces. I have started trying to give her things like rice cakes, crackers, half a sandwich, sections of orange, etc. instead of bite sized pieces, but she jams so much into her mouth that she ends up gagging. She doesn't seem to get the concept of biting a piece off at a time. How can I help her learn to do this? I'd love to not have to spend so much time preparing her food, but I also don't want her to choke.

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    1 decade ago
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    Well my kid just turned one and I only recently started giving him "partially" broken up grilled cheese sandwiches (as in they were cut in squares but the cheese oozed out and melded the pieces back together) and he seems to sort of get the concept of that. He has gotten the concept of nibbling on a triscut. Also I have found that I can give him a whole tomato and he'll just devour it. I gave it to him to play with while I cut up his real dinner, turned around and it was half eaten. Turned around again, it was gone. So I guess I would say you just have to follow her lead with it. I wouldn't have considered him ready at all until recently because his top 4 teeth came in all at once so he has 8 now and can bite off chunks. I would go with the mushier stuff though, the last thing you want is to give her a huge cracker and she breaks off a huge sharp chunk and hurts the inside of her mouth.

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    how many months is she? My 9 month old use to do that but when I would see do that I would take the food out and put it in his hand again.

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