What's the difference between the Sims 3 and the Sims 2?

When I looked at videos the Sims 2 and Sims 3 look very similar. I'd like to get the Sims 3, but at the same time I have all my Sims 2 expansion packs (there are like 6 expansion packs). If I were to get the Sims 3 would they basically be like having the Sims 2 with all it's expansion packs? Like, can they go on vacations and dates and buy pets and everything in the Sims 3?

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    no, i think they will have expansion packs for Sims 3.

    Here are the differences-

    * Seamless Nhood: Your Sim can visit neighbors, parks and shops without a loading screen.

    * All the neighboring Sims will live their life and age simultaniously as your Sim (They'll get married, get jobs,etc).

    * The game will ship with 1 Neighborhood.

    * That Nhood will consist of about 90 different lots. It will contain both Maxis made houses and empty lots.

    * Several weeks after the launch, there will be a tool available to create your own Nhoods.

    * When the game is out, you can download towns, made by other people.

    * All buildings in the Nhood can be interacted with, so no prop buildings.

    * There are 2 kinds of buildings; Buildings that you can build yourself and look into, and buildings where your sim disapears into and re-appears after some time.

    * These buildings are ploppable; it means that you can just select them from a menu and put it in the Nhood all made and ready.

    * Confirmed community places are: Pool, Gym, Park, Bistro, Art gallery, Library, Clothing store, City Hall and Bookstore.

    * You can zoom out to see the whole Nhood at once or zoom in to a single Sim.

    * You can move a house to a bigger lot.

    * The Neighborhood stories and inhabitants will be a prequel to the Sims 1 Neighborhood

    * There will be public events, such as music concerts, movie premieres, pool parties, barbecues, etc.

    * You can follow your sim in the taxi or car by right clicking their thumbnail.

    * Cars disappear when you reach your destination, and they reappear when you leave.

    * You must go to the grocery store to buy food.

    * You can choose to move to a new lot, and you can either sell your furniture or take it with you.

    * There's a community spa where you can get a facial, manicure, pedicure, or massage.

    * You can modify both community and residential lots. Some community lots, like parks and swimming pools, can be totally customized. For work places, you can only add few things outside.

    * Households can be merged, evicted and splitted.


    * There are 6 needs in total: Hunger, Social, Bladder, Hygiene, Energy and Fun.

    * Sims have Traits. Choose 5 from 65 types like Dreamer, Evil, lucky, etc. These Traits will affect how a Sim behaves towards others and affects their moods, like the mood of an Outdoorsperson will raise when he/she is outside. An evil Sim may slap another Sim.

    * Toddler: 2 traits, Child: 3 traits, Teens: 4 traits, Young adult and older: 5 traits.

    * They will look after themselves better.

    * Fulfilling wishes of a Sim (like the wish to get a big screen tv, getting married,etc), gives you Lifetime Happiness points to buy Lifetime Rewards for your Sims. An example is Steel bladder (never pee again) and Haggler (All your shopping is cheaper).

    * There are 32 different Rewards.

    * Moodlets instead of a moodbar. If something happens like a marriage, the Sim gets a moodlet. These moodlets will affect your Sims' mood and give abilities like learning faster. An example: Getting fired will get you a long lasting, big impact moodlet, while going to a small party will get them a short, non-dramatic moodlet.

    * Hair will not grow but you can 'paint' certain parts of the hair.

    * Sims have certain skills like cooking or fishing.

    * You can fulfil needs by simply clicking on an icon.

    * Instead of fixed interaction (like Talk or Joke), the options are filtered on your current Mood and Traits.

    * Certain traits have unique interactions.

    * There will be 7 age groups: Baby, Toddler, Child, Teenager, Young adult, Adult, Elder.

    * Athletic skill can help Sims stay fitter and even live longer.

    * Paintings that a Sim makes, will be unique to each Sim. It's based on its personality and mood.

    * You may control how much time a Sim spends on certain tasks like sleeping, fishing etc.

    * You can set lifespans to range from 25–1,000 days or turn aging off completely.

    * Free Will is on a slider bar. You can choose None, Low, or High.

    * Sims don't need ladders to get in or out of the pool but can still drown if you cancel the action from their queue.

    * When you are socializing, there is a small pop up that tells you what the other sim is thinking about your 'socializing'. You are irresistable, moving too fast, hilarious, boring, etc.

    * Sims can not get hit by cars.

    * Every article of clothing is always available to you in the game, and are always recolorable. So no need to 'buy' clothing.

    * Every single item you interact with gives your sim a good or bad mood boost depending

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    Actually, there are quite a bit of differences between the sims 2 and the sims 3. The texture of the objects, surroundings and sims is a lot smoother and slightly more detailed. The sims in the sims 3 have specific personality traits, while the sims in the sims 2 don't. The sims in the sims 3 aren't as needy (meaning they do not have to go to the bathroom every 2 seconds lol) The aspire to a lot more things. Also, in the sims 3 the sims can wander about the neighborhood rather than just being stuck on one lot. You are also able to change sims so much easier. The other sims in the neighbourhood will age regardless if you are playing with them or not. They have cars, too. However, there are no pets, vacations, businesses, apartments, etc in the sims 3, so really its an entirely different game than the sims 2.

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    I used to have 8 expansion/stuff packs for the Sims 2, now I've sold all but 2 of them, and I'm still trying to sell the 2.

    I sold of of them because I know once I buy the sims 3, I won't ever play the Sims 2 again.

    The game isn't such a big difference like from the sims 1 to the sims 2, but there is still a difference between the two.

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    What's the difference between the Sims 3 and the Sims 2?

    When I looked at videos the Sims 2 and Sims 3 look very similar. I'd like to get the Sims 3, but at the same time I have all my Sims 2 expansion packs (there are like 6 expansion packs). If I were to get the Sims 3 would they basically be like having the Sims 2 with all it's expansion...

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    Sims 2 Or Sims 3

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    The thread is old, but I still find it satisfying. I have Sims 3, and all the expansion packs and stuff packs. I'd say Sims 3 was supposed to be 25 years before Sims 2, I read this online somewhere, but how come Sims 3 the Sims have mobile phone in the very beginning... 😆 Anyway I still wish they added Sims 3 a lot like Sims 2 businesses, since the Midnight Hollow stuff honestly sucks. You can have just cashier, no stockers or anything else, get money WAY TOO EASY and all that ****.

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    Sims are more realistic, and the towns are easy to navigate. (Since there are no loading screens like there are in The Sims 2. However, one of the most noticable differences between the games (or at least it is in my opinion) is the extremely slow gameplay speed. The time it takes me to get through 1 day in The Sims 3 feels the same as 3 days in The Sims 2. At first I thought this was because of the crappy computer I have it loaded on. When I played it on a friend's computer, it has the same slowness!

  • No vacation or pets. They probably left that out so we will buy any expansions. You can go to community lots with friends or on dates. You can go fishing on the beach which is cool.

    I think Sims 3 is cool and fun, but Sims 1 to Sims 2 was a bigger jump.

    Sims 3 has

    more realistic faces

    easy to customise and change colour of clothes. You can take any of the textures (rock, cloth, tiles etc.) and put it on your clothes.

    There is some new furniture but overall not that different. You can put the furniture halfway between blocks and rotate 45 degrees

    No loading sequences when going around the neighborhood

    You can see the places where you work

    Lots of new interactions and the aspiration system is different.

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    Sims 3 is a bit of a step up from sims 2...like with more depth. You have personality traits instead of points and its an open town where your sim can go whenever they want... without any loading screens.

    Im sure Ea will bring out some expansion packs eventually maybe mix it up because we hve done pets and vacations all before.

    Personally Im torn between the 2. Ilove sims 2 because I have playd it for so long and gotten attatched to my little sims but sims 3 is new and exciting.

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    Parts of the expansions are integrated into the game such as fishing, etc. However the core of the expansions are missing from the Sims 3 (seasons,pets.)

    Overall I would say this Sims 3 is far better that the previous title. There is the open neighborhood with few load screens, and almost unlimited creativity in Create-A-Sim and with object customization.

    Hoped that helps:)

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    Yes they look the same, but there's a new thing in the Sims creator that you can make your own style instead of the base items. There are traits that can help you out alot of the time.

    No it would not have pets or vacations, but you will have cars, bikes, and some new things for the house. Yes they can go on dates.

    One very cool feature is that you aren't stuck in your house or can't go to school/work with your Sims. The towns are open and you can go to work school or shopping anytime. For teens, they have curfews. It's like 11pm, but if they stay out after that the cops come and bring them home.

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