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Allen Iverson to Miami, Knicks or Charlotte?

I don't think AI is gonna be in Detroit. I believe he will be good in Miami.

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    He won't stay in Detroit, certainly.

    What Miami needs is an authentic centre. They are going with Mario Chalmers at point so, its unlikely they'll pick up AI.

    I don't think he's going to sign up for a one year deal to play for the Knicks. They got no prospects in the upcoming season.

    So its Charlotte probably, to reunite with coach Brown. I think he'd be happy to accept less just for that reason.

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    He will probably go to the the bobcats. He has a history with the coach Larry Brown. They went to the 2001 finals together in philly and have already publicly said this year that they wouldn't mind a reunion.

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    dont want iverson in miami. gotta a great core of young players in beasley and chalmers along side dwade. why get iverson, he wants to start, he plays dwades position and he sure cant play pg anymore. hed just control the ball too much

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    No...They have wade, why get Iverson. He would be a benefit for Knicks.Thats a good idea, but most likely Bobcats

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    Most likely Charlotte.

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    he wouldn't be good in miami because miami already has a scorer,d-wade,and it wouldn't be good if iverson would be there because iverson would also want the ball and it would be a mess

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    the problem is that if iverson goes to charlotte there isnt much of that many great players on that team he would be doing it all on his own

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    He'll take the bobcats to the playoffs next year with larry brown..........

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    last i heard he was going to the raptors

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