Are you surprised at how many diehard Labour party supporters there are?

The Labour party seems to stumble from one disaster to another (smear,arresting Damian Green,not supporting the Ghurkas, mp's expenses, not to mention all the lies and spin), alot of their policies are unpopular and they dont even seem to respect democracy any more since we have an unelected Primeminister denying us a general election because he knows he will lose and refusing to give us a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in case he doesn't like the result.

With all that in mind I'm surprised how many people out there still seem to support New Labour? Why do you think so many diehard Labour supporters refuse to give up on them.


Not quite Warrior, the Labour party are the biggest left wing political party over here our version of the democrats I suppose but they are a bit further to the left than them. They have been in power for the past 12 years with Tony Blair then with Gordon Brown and they've made a right hash of it.

They are socialists, well champagne socialists at least. They are supposed to represent the working class but they dont anymore. They got into power on spin and false promises but because they have so many diehard supporters who overlook their mistakes they won 3 elections and even now when they are in total meltdown and the government is falling apart it's surprising how many people still support them.

It looks like they are going to lose the next general election and we'll finally be rid of them but I can't get my head round how many people still vote for them anyways.

Update 2:

Hi Cornellius I was wondering if I'd get an answer from you. Here’s my reply, sorry it’s not that short.

You can list a few good things but to be honest I reckon you have the conservatives all wrong and you would have had all of those things from a Tory government. Putting that aside I’d say the problems with Labour by far outweigh anything good they’ve achieved especially when you look at the rise in taxes compared to what you get for them.

You talk about the recession and the banking crisis in 2008 but Labour have been in power 12 years, you can’t seriously blame anyone but the current government for it they had plenty of time to implement their policies.

You’ve brought up class warfare again but like I said last time no government deliberately harms the country and you’re kidding yourself to think otherwise. It was the unions who took down British industry more than anything else.

Update 3:

Look at the things you mentioned

The NHS- The NHS is stretched to the hilt under Labour and they only ever throw money at the problem, this money usually ends up in the wrong places. I was in hospital a couple of weeks ago and the nurses and doctors were all working overtime and yet struggled to find time for me.

Education- Labour’s system of education has a postcode lottery (I have to travel 26 miles every day because I wanted a decent school) and a curriculm where the learning revolves around testing rather than focusing on passing on important skills.

Taxes- The Tories would have taxed you less in the first place and if you look into it they are planning to reform tax credits not abolish them and they were against introducing a new tax bracket that hit the poorest in society. The reforms are aimed at stopping benefit cheats and to stop it from being more profitable to be single than married not at genuinely poor people.

Update 4:

As for the Lisbon Treaty, while I think that what’s in it is important enough for a referendum because I don’t like giving more and more powers away to Brussels and I don’t like being governed from abroad. I’m not saying it’s the most important thing in the world. I’m saying that denying a referendum when one was promised tells you a lot about Gordon Browns character and it shows his disregard for democracy and public opinion.

Cornellius I think you are exactly the kind of diehard I was talking about. You obviously aren’t a fan of the conservatives but I don’t think Labour truly represent you either, you yourself called them ‘the best of a bad bunch’. I don’t think they are the best people to lead this country and I’d say you should look into the other parties and what they stand for and while your at it you should think about what Labour really stand for nowadays.

Update 5:

I disagree with your conspiracy theory at the end, why dont you google winter of discontent and then tell me it didn't happen, maybe look into the 76 IMF bailout as well. That was the last time Labour bankrupted the country.

In general though I think we could go on arguing for ages but I dont think either of us would gain any ground so I dont see the point.

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    My children go to a Brand new Academy in an inner city area which is well funded and has excelled in exam results.

    I had a major operation on my spine last year in a modern hospital with fantastic facilities and a dedicated work force.

    I receive working families tax credits, which has boosted my take home pay significantly.

    I would have had none of this under the Conservatives, who during the previous 20 years had a deliberate policy of decimating the infrastructure, work opportunities and hope of the area I live in, simply because of a dogmatic principle which was shown to be hollow on the 6th October 2008 when the banks nearly went bust.

    These are the things that matter to me, I really don't care about the Lisbon treaty

    Is it true that Cameron has pledged to scrap the Tax credits scheme (which helps the poor) to fund tax cuts for the richest 1% in this country?

    On what planet would I not vote Labour, Voting Tory would for people in my situation, be the equivalent of a Turkey voting for Christmas?


    I don't want to sound condicending Richard, but you have to learn a lot about politics. If I voted for my 'dream' party then they would recieve one vote.

    Labour are the party which meet my aspitrations the best, but I do not agree with every last policy, indeed there is a lot I do not agree with.

    Yes Labour have been inpower for 12 years, and my criticism of them would be that they did not address the lax regulation of the financial industries which had been brought in under the previous conservative adminstration. Why they didn't do that is obvious, the city was earning billions in tax revenue for the government, but any fool could see the whole system was a sham, and that at some stage it would tumble like a pack of cards, but they never built the house, they just didn't do anything to stop it from collapsing.

    By the way shortly before the banking colapse Cameron was proposing further de regiulation of the banking industry when he gets into power.

    I've lived through many incarnations of the NHS, and I can tell you that todays version is much better than anything I have seen, and I remember the berly disguised contempt that it was treated by Thatcher who underfunded it, and told people that if they wanted decent treatment they ought to get private insurance. I don't recognise the NHS you describe.

    Right so its the unions who shut down British industry. Did you know that at the height of the so called 'winter of discontent' the Carnegie institute, a well respected American organisation placed the UK at the top of a league economies which were performing the best. It was a media driven hoax to get the conservatives elected using a slogan of 'Britain isn't working' to get elected on a secret platform of changing the British economy from a manufacturing base(making things) to service based (selling things).

    You only have to be hard faced to sell stuff, but it takes a lot of skills to build stuff

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    if the Labour Party supporters that you refer to are the equivalent of the laborers in the USA, I am glad to know that they are diehards. The working men and women worldwide are being walked on by big business too much as it is.

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