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Skating Shoes: What is the official name of the shoes that have wheels underneath?

What are those shoes that have wheels underneath that let you skate and walk whenever you want?

They appear in the Movie: Employee of the Month with Dane Cook at the beginning.

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    They're called either Skate Shoes, Skating Shoes, or Heelys, as you can see here:

    Available for men, women, boys, girls, juniors, made by Heelys or BeWild, and come in a boatload of colors and sizes. Looks like a bunch are on sale.

    Good luck!

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    Quit badgering him like a spoiled brat for starters. See if they have those kind of shoes with the wheels your size,maybe write to the shoe company an ask if they can make them in your size.Or tell him to take your roller skating, it IS a lot of fun I havent done it in ages myself.Think I will ask the pastor about getting all the kids together to skate sometime.

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  • Those would be Heelies. They are a blast to use around the store, or around an amusment park.

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