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what is the best sewing machine brands?

hi i'm looking to buy a sewing machine and need it to make clothes , handbags and thick fabrics like denim and leather and have a buget of $ 300 and i'm 14 and live in australia . thanks

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  • drip
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    the top 3 brands are Bernina, Pfaff and Viking.

    For $300 you are not going to get a top of the line machine.

    But I do recommend going in to a sewing machine dealer, letting them know your budget and seeing if they have a used older model for sale.

    You will still be getting a good machine and most dealers will give you free lessons on how to use the machine you buy. (not sewing lessons, but how to use the machine, thread it etc.)

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  • Alexa
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    1 decade ago

    Shop where the machines are sold and serviced.

    Take your parent with you so the clerks will know you are serious.

    Tell them what you want to be able to sew. Take a piece of denim and leather with you - both need specific needles; denim and leather. A universal needle will not do a good job piercing thick material.

    They should demo the machine and then let you try.

    For $300 you may find a slightly used Bernina, which is the best made. Babylock, Brother, Viking, Pfaff and Janome are also great machines.

    A used Bernina, in fine running shape is a better machine than any other another, new.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi, I agree that the best brand is Bernina ( I have one) but I think it would be hard for you to get one with your budget unless you are very lucky to find a used one in your price range. If you can find a Viking 6000 series (built in the 70s) they have a low gear that would be perfect for heavy/leather projects. Home machines we not designed for regular heavy use so an older, metal-gear machine would be the best choice for what you want to do with heavy fabric. Find one at a thrift store or garage sale and have a shop service it.

    (thejanit...: "Husky" is the low end/hobbyist version of the Husqvarna-Viking line). Viking, Pfaff and Singer are now all owned by an asian conglomerate. Bernina is still made in Switzerland.

    For a budget-priced new machine I recommend Janome machines (or Janome-built Kenmores in the USA).

    Source(s): I've been sewing since I was 12
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  • 1 decade ago

    'Drip' and 'Alexa' left one really good brand off their lists: Husqvarna, also sold as Husky or Husky Star. Husqvarna machines are extremely durable and can sew heavy stuff with ease. If you watch your sales or get a used model, you can get a solid machine for your $300.-

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  • 4 years ago

    Durable, under $120, isn't. Have you asked your mom what she wants? That's a personal choice she might like to make. If you don't choose to, google "Kay"s avatar and see what she recommends.

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