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Are There any retail stores that sell good yo-yos?

Good Yo-yos, not party favors. Name brand, such as Duncan. Not on the internet. Real stores.


In ohio, I already checked my wal mart. They have the Misquito and Imperial, have both. Toys R us had a speed Beetle. Thats it.

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    If you have already dismissed Wal-Mart and Toys'R'Us, then

    there are no good retail stores near Ohio that sell good yoyos.

    There are only a couple of stores in America that specialize in yoyo goods. They are located in New York(Yoyonation), California(Bird in Hand, Turf, Sunshine Kite Company) , and I believe in Florida(Yoyoguy).

    The really only way to go is online.

    I know you weren't looking for a website, but it's pretty much your only option. I don't think the other answers here are valid, dollar store? There are no Freehand Zeroes at a dollar store.


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    Good Yo Yos

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    Wal-Mart of course! That is if you have one near. They still sell Duncan Yo-Yo's. Check the web-site and see if it's, "in stock" at your location.

    Source(s): Go to Wally-World all the time, just even to look around while grocery shopping.
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    Well, you can find them pretty much anywhere. For instance, the two-dollar store. Oh, and souvenir stores (such as those in the airports, lol).

    Lol, I'm so naive...

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    Look in toy shops like Argos and Toys r us

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    HOw do we know what area you live in? Are you serious? Go look, you being lazy

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    the dollar store.

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    the entertainer

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