iqama in saud arabia?

hi guys ..i know its been funny i left half of the message ..actually i was checking if i could get feed back as iam new to this ..well iam thnakful for our feed back now my question is ..its been 6 months i have come and i still dont poses iqama kafil had seem to eaten the money which i have paid him after i cme here.but my kafil is promosing every day and now and then that it will made ..soon but still no news from him ...tell me what to do ?

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    6 months is too long. Isn't your visa expired by now?

    What's your profession? I am guessing you aren't working for a company if you still haven't gotten your iqama.

    why did you have to pay him money for your iqama? If he's your employer, then you shouldn't have to pay him to get your iqama.

    Maybe you made a business deal with the wrong guy it seems???

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    (1) check all the information you have printed on your visa sticker in your passport

    (2) check the type of visa you have (ie work, visit, umrah etc), the validity date and the maximum period of stay (if you email me a scan, i will tell you these things)

    (3) post another question with more specific details, coz the way ur asking now is impossible to answer properly

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    OK let me make sure i got this right.... iqama is a visa right ? and you're paying someone to get you one ?

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    I think, to start, you should ask your question in something that slightly resembles english.

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