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heartworm prevention

does anyone know where I can purchase heartwarm preventives Interceptor and Sentinal?


which clinic?

Update 2:

Sai Kung

But Kowloon side is fine

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    1 decade ago
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    Available only to licensed veterinarians and pharmacies. If you get it from pet shop without preception, it possible the pet shop is not follow the rule.

    2009-06-08 22:33:49 補充:

    Any reg. clinic. Where do you live, so I could give some addresses to you. If u want 2

    2009-06-09 00:39:54 補充:

    Please go to http://www.hk-aac.com/ch/petdoctor.htm They have kowloon and sai kung.

    You can request the drugs if they don't stock any.

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