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背景音樂是 哪位歌手 唱的哪首歌曲 呢??


請問小飛俠 是哪位歌手唱的??



Update 2:

歌詞找過了 不是Jigsaw Puzzle

請麻煩附上 歌詞提供來源

謝謝你 ^^

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    這支廣告很動人~~ 曲子也很好聽

    Song name:Jigsaw Puzzle

    Composerer:Charlie Grant / Prtr Woodroffe / Chris Madin


    Your face, your style, your kiss, your smile

    All the puzzle pieces I’ve been missing

    No man alive could walk on by

    Won’t even try it cos there’s no resisting you

    You’ve been a long time coming around

    Thought I was lost but now I’m found

    You’re like the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle

    Baby you make it better,

    Now my Cinderella got the slipper that fits

    And I know this is it

    Coz This jigsaw sure looks right

    To think that I could ever find

    Anyone better baby, who am I fooling

    Missed all the signs, blew so much time

    I only found you when I stopped lookin’


    You’ve been a long time coming around

    Thought I was lost

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    歌名 Jigsaw 歌手 Chris Madin 詳情請見

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