whats the difference between ninja 2005 and ninja 2007 500cc kawasaki motorcycle?

I'm trying to tell the difference between the ninja 500cc 2005 and 2007...as which to buy. I'm looking at 2 adds on craigslist...which are the only good deals i can find at the moment..should i take one of these..or wait?

are these prices good? which bike seems to be the better choice..

1: 2007 500cc ninja ( i didnt love the color at first, but its kinda different now I think i do!)


2: 2005 500cc ninja (3 inch scratch on gas tank, kinda bothers me)


it was hard enough deciding between the 250 and 500...this is like the hardest decision ever!!!

this will be my first bike..upgrading from a 150cc scooter. budget is 3 grand max..trying to stay around 2500

thanks for all the help yahooligans!

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  • ZX3R
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    1 decade ago
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    For 3 grand you can get a better looking bike than that.

    The best 500CC out there is the Suzuki GS500F.

    Use $2K as down payment, $500 for gear, & the rest for insurance and gas money.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I like YZR's answer--you need to think about insurance and gear. Both of the little Ninjas are great bikes. My son (115 pounds) wants the 250cc. I (200 pounds) would need the 500cc bike. Either bike will give wonderful handling with enough power to keep up with traffic and a top speed over 100 mph.

    Don't worry too much about nicks and scrapes. You are probably going to drop your first bike more than once--even if you are very careful. I took my new Kawasaki Voyager out in a field and dropped it first thing just to get over the fear. I also suggest you budget $20.00 for the book "Sport Riding Techniques" by Nick Ienatsch. Since you are looking at sport bikes, you better know how to ride one. Good luck.

    Never let your bike takes you anywhere your eyes didn't arrive at 5 seconds ago.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The ninja 500 has been un-changed since 1994. Literally, the only difference between a 1994 model and a 2008 model is that different colors were available different years, and from about 1998 on, all the grab bars behind the seat were black instead of body-colored.

    Mechanically, nothing has changed since 1994.

    Buy whichever one is the better deal. 2 years difference is not nearly as important as the mileage and condition.

    I would try to find a bike with under 10,000 miles on it if you can, but an EX500 is a great first bike (it was my first too).

    The GS500 is also a decent option, but it's down about 16hp versus the Kawasaki. Not slow, but not as fast as the kawasaki. my dad has one. nice bike, and it FEELS a lot lighter than the Kawasaki.

    Source(s): I own a 1997 EX500. www.ex-500.com
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well i like the 500 cc part (though a 600 would be better, think Honda CBR)

    Anyway in performance terms they are about the same so it really comes down to 3 things

    1. Looks, any body damage or basically what u think looks the best.

    2. Condition.... if u buy on craigslist MAKE SURE to take someone w you to look at the bike that knows motorcycles. Let them look it over, ride it a bit, if possible take it to a local bike shop and give the mechanic 20 bucks to look it over well (REALLY good idea)

    3. Miles and age. Obviously a newer bike w less miles will probably be in better shape, look more at the miles then the age.

    Goof luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    2 years

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  • 4 years ago

    He is correct. The Ninja hasn't been updated for years. The top picture is the new version. That was my first bike! The second bike is a 250, not a 500.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Since you are upgrading from a scooter then the best advice for you own safety is go for a 250cc. The only similarity between driving a scooter and a full motorcycle is that they both have 2 wheels.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The only one still available looks good. The 3' scratch is no big issue - live with it, or have the tank resprayed.

    Nice bike - reliable - and spares should be easy to come by.

    Good luck

    Source(s): Biker by birth
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  • Ming
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    1 decade ago

    get the 2005 because the 2007 probably was just sold--ad no longer exists.

    put a sticker over the scratch

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  • 1 decade ago

    Either way in my book you will be happy with the 500cc... I used to ride one in the mid 90's and wish I'd never sold it to say the least and man did it haul @$$

    Source(s): riding hard since I was 7
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