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Why can't I change my photo on the new "my profile"?

One of my old dead sexy accounts was banished from Y!A some time ago... I can log into it to get mail and into the new Yahoo Profile. It has an avatar but I want to change it to a picture. It wont let me change it... when I click the "change Photo" button the screen gets a dark grey screen over the profile page.

Wot's wrong?


Well.. I do click the "change photo" link.. but all I get is a greyed 50% screen... i.e. it doesn't load the popup for uploading photos. It does however upload the popup on my other accounts... so it's not a browser problem... it's a yahoo problem!

Update 2:

Livewire your problem is different to mine. At least you can load an image onto your profile page even though yours isn't showing up on Y!A. I can't load an image onto my profile page of one of my accounts.

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    You can get your mail still? Why does the Y/Amster just maim some accounts while murdering others?

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  • тσ gєт ρнσтσ/¢υѕтσм ρι¢тυяє αѕ уσυя αναтαя (νια уαнσσ! ρяσfιℓєѕ)

    ************** ************* **************** ************

    1► Click this link:-

    2► Click the Change Photo link just to the right of the image

    The Select Photo window opens. Initially, your only choices will be the gray square and your avatar, if you have one

    3► Click the Add Photo link.

    4► Click the Browse button and navigate through your computer’s file system until you find an image you want to upload.

    5► Once you’ve chosen a photo file, click the Upload button to add it to the photos available for your profile.

    A preview of the uploaded photo appears, including a dotted square outlining the currently selected portion of the image

    6► Manipulate the selection square to enclose the part of the image you want to use.

    7► When you’ve got the part of the image you want to use within the selection square, click the Crop button.

    The newly added photo appears in your photo carousel.

    8► Repeat steps 2 through 6 to add a whole gallery of photos to your carousel.

    9► Go to your “edit my profile” click “use my yahoo profiles image” scroll down and press "preview", and then "OK" in the next screen.

    And you’re done.

    If you need any help click this link:

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  • 4 years ago

    Right click the album and near the botton it'll show you something saying "Rename"

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  • Because yahoo is broken and sucks donkey's (can't say or I will get violated, use your imagination) ____!!!

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    1 decade ago

    i dunno gazza, i have the same thing happinin on a level 5 account with two tc badges from march,,, all i can get is grey face... makes me mad too!

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    see ;-p

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