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Help with Environmental Engineering stuff?

So, there aren't really many colleges around me that offer a bachelor's in environmental engineering. I was just wondering if I could get a normal major (mathematics, environmental science, chemistry, etc.) and be able to go into a master's program of environmental engineering? What would you recommend? Thanks for any help.

I really want to go to a smaller college and they don't really offer a specified environmental engineering degree.

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    You can major in civil or chemical engineering instead. Many institutions still consider environmental engineering a subset or specialization of civil engineering.

    If you want to work as an engineer, especially in civil or environmental, it is critical that you graduate with a BS in an engineering discipline from an ABET accredited program. Make sure that your chosen university's engineering program is ABET accredited. This is one of the minimum requirements for eventually obtaining your Professional Engineer (PE) license. A PE license is virtually mandatory if you work as a civil engineer.

    If you get your BS in something other than engineering, it will be that much harder for you to be accepted into a graduate engineering program since you will be lacking many of the prerequisites. Most students in a graduate environmental engineering program will have environmental, civil, or chemical engineering undergraduate degrees.

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    There are no longer many woman engineers interior the mechanical or Civil engineering fields. I even have been a Mechanical engineer for 40 years and would anticipate a million hand the style of woman mechanicals I even have met. Chemical Engineering is a properly-enjoyed container for women persons. Many are actually going into Environmental and electric powered Engineering additionally.

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    I suggest an undergrad degree related to the type of environmental engineering you think you want to end up doing. For example, I've heard that alternative power generation is covered in BS environmental engineering programs, but power generation / energy systems is also a specialized focus area in mechanical engineering. If you want to know about green buildings, do BS civil. Chemical engineering could also be good for some aspects.

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    In Texas there is only one school Texas A& know that is the ...there Em...

    Now that I have that out of my system ...Depends on where you are..Any small school like a community college is going to blur your vision with sub par math and other classes that may or may NOT transfer ..If your in Georgia GATecH , Purdue, Michigan , Ohio state, Texas Tech, or any poly-tech school ..just make sure the schools courses will transfer or your in for a 7 year stretch for a 5 year tough schedule..I mean its ok to take whatever but the Idea is to get through..Play the fastest game you can..Its not going to be a real easy thing unless you Q>160 and your the quarterback too. So if those don't apply do it smart....Have a good one From the E

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