Cant find a Youtube video again?

I am having trouble finding a youtube video i found a while back. It is a skit in which one guy obnoxiously tries to instigate a fight with another, and keeps telling him "tap or snap". The guy ends up getting his head stomped on a couple of times, but for some reason ends up thinking he won the fight. Anyone know where i can find it?


Seriously? I don't need criticism. i just want to find the video.

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    There are 3 different things you can do to try and find a

    video that you have previously seen. Not only that, you

    can make your results appear either: 1) in alphabetical

    order, 2) in chronological order or 3) in photo thumbnail


    ALPHABETICALLY (tons of results):

    highlight the URL address bar on top, then simply type

    in the word "youtube". From those results, you will see:

    -- every YouTube address you typed

    -- every YouTube channel you visited

    -- every YouTube video you watched

    although in ugly YouTube code (e.g.: v=Ab1Cd2eF3Gh).

    CHRONOLOGICALLY (many results):

    simply click on your internet browser's "History" button

    or tap "CTRL" and the letter "H" on your keyboard, and

    you will get a daily list of every website which you have

    visited. Every YouTube video will be mixed in with all of

    the different websites, but it'll actually be easier for you

    to find what you're looking for -- because everything will

    be displayed in "plain" English. And because each and

    every YouTube video is in fact its own website, you will

    also be able to see the full title of each video.

    PHOTO THUMBNAIL (few results):

    at the top right of just about every YouTube page is the

    name "QuickList". Click on that, and then after you are

    on the new page, click on "History" immediately below

    the highlighted grey bar. You will see thumbnails of the

    most recent videos you have viewed, but only the most

    recent. That is because every time that you open / exit

    YouTube, everything vanishes, and starts all over again.

    Believe it or not, you can see your YouTube "QuickList"

    and "viewing history" from right here within Yahoo. Just

    click on my links below, and they'll take you directly to

    "YOUR VERY OWN" histories. (YouTube may first ask

    you to 'sign in' with your username and your password):

    I hope that my multiple answer is a little helpful for you.

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    try finding it in your history

  • Anonymous
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    why didn you put it on your profile

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