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Why do evolutionists always try to separate the Big Bang from their other ideas?

Whenever someone mentions the Big Bang, or anything occuring anywhere in the universe besides here on Earth when they challenge Evolutionism, Evolutionists always roundly tell that person that evolution only deals with things here on Earth. Why is this?

If you study astronomy you'll see the world "evolution" mentioned a LOT. there's talk of steller evolution, evolution of planets, evolution of galaxies, and many other mentions of it.

So how can you do this, Evolutionists?

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    Well now just sit down and I'll tell you why. Now LISTEN UP so that we don't have to go through this with you again and again, okay?

    Fair enough. Here's the short version:

    Darwin's book, which you have never read of course, is called THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES

    Now why is it called that? Why did Darwin use those words?

    Because.......(class? raise your hand)

    RIGHT! He was attempting to explain how the ANIMALS WE SEE TODAY got here. Where did they come from?

    Darwin was not concerned with the origins of original life. He was not concerned with the existence of God.

    He was concerned about the ORIGIN OF SPECIES.

    Now you explain it this way:

    "A bearded Sky God who lives in outer space made men out of dirt and then destroyed the earth by flood and the animals we see today come from a giant ark built by Noah"

    I and Darwin explaini it this way:

    "Modern animals evolved from earlier life forms by means of natural selection and (later discovered after Darwin) genetic mutation"

    Now really, which one, based on observation of the world around us, and our experience, seems more plausible?

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    cosmological evolution and biological evolution are two very different things. The former is not actually evolution, the word "evolution" is simply used as an easy way to sum up the changes in celestial objects over time as a result of physics. There is no random mutation and natural selection and no survival of the fittest, just what occurs when you have a bunch hydrogen atoms and a few billion years and has NOTHING to do with biological evolution. A better description might be cosmological maturation. The latter is used to describe acquired changes in a population as a result of random mutation and natural selection. If you cannot understand the differences in these ideas you probably should take some science classes or even read some reliable books before you try to debate us "evolutionists"

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    Because, evolution is a theory which attempts to describe the change in species over time. It doesn't deal with the Big Bang. They ARE two separate issues.

    And "evolution" was a word before Charles Darwin came up with his theory of evolution. So using the word evolution doesn't mean referencing Charles Darwins theory of evolution.

    If you're going to criticize something, at least try to understand what you're criticizing first. I read the Bible, seriously, I read it all, so I understand what I criticize to the best of my abilities. You seem to think we 'evolutionists' (god that term makes me shudder) all follow the same laws, and are governed by a collection of ideas, maybe collected in a book written long ago (hint hint wink wink) that can't ever change. Well, like I said, try to understand what you're criticizing, otherwise you're going to come out looking like a dunce; and if I were you, I'd quite while I was ahe- err, behind.

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    First of all: There is no such thing as an "Evolutionist". Irrespective of how often the term is used by the ignorant on Y!A


    Evolution has to do with the development of life from one form to the next. It has nothing to do with how life came into being and nothing at all with astronomy.


    The Big Bang is a concept and theory from Astrophysics.

    Your question is something like asking why your car mechanic refuses to make you new horseshoes for your pony.

    Both have to do with transport (or in your question the history of the universe) but they are not directly connected.

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    Sorry, I am unfamiliar with the terms "Evolutionist" and "Evolutionism".

    The Theory of Evolution refers to the development of life on earth. There is the word "evolution" meaning change, and then the Theory which explains the diversity of life on this planet.

  • Who ever does this doesn't understand evolution to it's full extent. The Earth is part of the universes structure and vice versa. Physics and Astronomy are major players in life on this planet and relate to why Earth has life. Time and weather are also major players, so to ignore these things is not correct. Look I'm not religious but I see your point with most of these answers.

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    The "theory of evolution" refers specifically to the observed fact that living organisms evolve over generations in response to environmental conditions. The fact that the term "evolution" is also used in other contexts does not make the Big Bang a concern of biologists.

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    Because they are separate theories from separate branches of science. How scientifically ignorant do you have to be in order to not see that?

    The theory of evolution deals with biological evolution only. Only creationists change the definition to suit themselves.

    Turn it around - "Christians always try to separate their own god from other gods. If you study Greek mythology, you'll see the word 'God' mentioned a LOT. So how can Christians talk about their god as if it's a different idea?"

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    "the two theories do no longer solid God out of the equation, so why do the Christians attack it so passionately?" Theories are in simple terms that--theories. they're innovations and guesses. we've not got any difficulty with that. you assert that neither evolution nor the huge bang concept solid God out, yet that's what a lot of people attempt to do with those theories. utilising an unproven--and for the main area, unprovable (no scientists have been around interior the beginning up, and none have ever recreated a great bang test)--concept as "data" that God would not exist is silly.

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    *sigh* Evolution = The process of change in living organisms. It deals with microorganisms evolving to bypass immune systems and medicine, as well as dinosaurs becoming birds over the course of 60 million years.

    Big Bang = A single event at the beginning of the universe that set it in motion and caused this current expansion.

    They are completely unrelated. The only link is that I accept both theories as empirical facts.

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