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What are the law enforcement duties of the Texas Rangers?

Are they separate from the Texas State troopers?


Looks like some people think there funny enough to be on the Tonight Show not!!!!!

Look you jackasses' the name says Department of Public SAFETY AND AT THE BOTTOM OF BADGES Texas Rangers.

Not some TV show or baseball team , I was asking about the Texas Rangers the oldest law enforcement organization on the North American continent with state wide jurisdiction.

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    Texas Rangers are considered the investigative arm of the Department of Public Safety. They are a separate division from the State Troopers. Their duties include but are not limited to criminal and special investigations, capturing wanted felons, suppressing major disturbances, protection of life and property, assisting law enforcement on major cases, info gathering, etc.

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    if you google search texas ranger and go to special requirements it tells you a lot but here is the gist of it with the link to the full page at the bottom Each applicant must be a citizen of the United States of America, in excellent physical condition, and have an outstanding record of at least eight (8) years experience with a bona fide law enforcement agency engaged principally in the investigation of major crimes. The applicant must be currently employed with the Texas Department of Public Safety in the position of a commissioned officer with the rank of at least Trooper II. At this time the basic requirements for employment as a DPS Trooper, which is the entry level for commissioned officers with DPS, are the applicant must be at least twenty (20) years of age and must have a minimum of ninety (90) semester hours from an accredited college. Thirty-six (36) months or more military or law enforcement experience may be substituted for required semester hours. Military police experience, however, does not count toward the eight (8) years experience required in order to be eligible to compete for the position of Texas Ranger. Little recruiting has ever been necessary. It is not unusual for more than 200 officers to apply for only a handful of openings. Rangers are required to attend at least 40 hours of in-service training every two years, but for most Rangers, the training far exceeds the requirement. Some Rangers receive additional training in areas such as investigative hypnosis, which has played an important role in some criminal cases.

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    They play baseball.

    Also the investigative branch of the Department of Public Safety (State Police)

  • 1 decade ago

    you are thinking of a tv show.

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