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United States vs China?

out of pure curiosity,

if the United States and China suddenly got into this huge argument

and a war started; just between China and the USA, who would win?

I'm guessing USA; because we have wayyyyy better technology, but don't they have like...triple our population?

but yeah just curious; thanks =)

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    The answer is the United States. Want proof? Taiwan still exists, correct? Why? China is scared that if they invade Taiwan, which they are dying to do, that the US will bomb them into the stone age. Here's undeniable FACTS, not opinions:

    China has only about, 1,000 or so tanks, of any kind. These tanks are OLD, I mean from the 1951 and such.The US on the other hand has about 8 times that in just the Abrams alone. We're not even talking helicopters here, which is a big part of land warfare.

    Chinas air force only has about 2,000 fighter air craft but about half of these are extremely old. The US on the other hand has far more fighter jets and ours are more modern.

    China has no Navy whatsoever that is capable of doing anything, meanwhile the US has the most powerful navy in the history of mankind. If every country on Earth put their navy together it would still not match the capability of the US navy. We are the only country who has our ships everywhere, Chinese ships don't leave the Chinese coast.

    So, in the areas that decide modern warfare (tanks, air power, and naval power) the US has a huge advantage. The Chinese can must up a few hundred million soldiers but 1) Most of them hate the Chinese government and would be forced to fight, 2) They will be lightly armed infantry troops that have no support from tanks or air power. 1,000 troops still won't beat a tank. People act like wars are fought with swords still where numbers matter.

    The US military is designed to beat a larger military. Every weapons system down to the infantryman is designed to beat 10+. Assuming World War 3 broke up, the US could mobilize about 100 million soldiers. Look at what we do with 150,000.

    P.S. China would lose if the war went nuclear for sure because they're no match when it comes to nukes.

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    --- Not all wars are "hot" wars that have the military lined up against each other. There are other forms of wars such as economic wars in which one country achieves its goals by either crushing the economy of its opposition or controls the economy of its opposition to the point that its enemy cannot wage a war or support an opposition. --- You also have to look at the goal of the waring countries. China only has a few goals for which she would start a war. One major goal China has had in mind since it went communist is the re-acquisition of Taiwan. China has demanded the return of Taiwan since it was founded and has even threatened to start a war and invade if the people on Taiwan openly declare independence. --- China is also in a dispute with Japan and some other countries such as the Philippines regarding several islands that appear to have large oil reserves on, under and around them. --- Of course that is where we, the USA, come in. We have mutual defense treaties with all of those countries and thus we are right in the middle of it all. We have a vast technological superiority that has kept China in check thus far and as long as we keep that edge then their vast numerical superiority is held in check. Why? Because in order to invade or attack any of those allies China has to cross water and that makes them vulnerable. --- So, I don't think you have to worry about a hot war for now. However I WOULD be worried about that economic war I was talking about. China already has cut deep in-roads into our economy and they haven't had to work hard to do it either. Unfortunately the US government made a bad decision a few years ago, that American corporations would police themselves and would never do anything that might be in less than the USA's best interest. --- We now know what a fallacy that is. American corporations have wallowed in greed at the expense of the country, outsourcing American jobs and industry and flooding the country with cheap Chinese junk. Junk that often enough is actually poisonous. Now, as you noted, we are in deep debt to China. That and the numerous internet attacks and espionage runs that are attributed to China makes it clear that China is playing a long term game and if we don't start plying the same game we might lose by default.

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    We are not on a track for military confrontation with China. We are sending our jobs and economy to China as fast as we possibly can. China has no need for military confrontation. Soon, the US economy will not be able to support a sustained military course.

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    The USA would win because of our technology and the fact that China doesn't have much of a navy and their Air Force is , well, a joke.


    US Army


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    a country which could field an army of 200,000,00 would be a bit testy for us,,,,,,,we'd need,i think,,,thousands of p47s,p-38s,,,,,and p-51 mustangs,we could buildem lighter,stronger,and with simple avionics,or radiation hardened insides,,our technology is defeatable with emp nukes,we do have 50 or so ssbns at sea,whose location only the jcs know,also,the chinese might come across siberia.& the bering straits,and up through the panama canal,(hidden in those bigole red piggyback conainers),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,cominta gitcha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,boo

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    yes USA have a better technology by China have the biggest army. also, China can improve her technology very fast. if the USA attack China perhaps it can win but the USA will regret it for centuries :)

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    US would win, yes China's army is HUGE, but like you said our weapons are way more advanced and we have way more of them.

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    Yes, but with their shoddy navy, they'd have a pretty hard time invading. Doesn't matter if you have billions of people if you can't get them over the ocean.

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    actually, if the us ever becomes hostile toward china..china can just call in our debt...meaning their 3 million man army can march right into the states and take was is theirs in collateral for that debt...its called eminent domain (and we cannot fire upon a nation that has eminent domain rights).

    the carter adminstration gave any foreign nation the ability to seize property (remember, you only rent your private property from the fed gov. you have to pay yearly taxes, if you dont pay, you get evicted) and birth certificats (human resourses) to be used as collateral for our debt owed to any nation. eminent domain its a historical fact in the us. just look it up.

    besides, our military and national guard are overextended on foreign soil (oregon national guard is shipping out.). china has a huge advantage over us..especially is russia allies with them.

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    we would kick their @ss, we have naval and air superiority and a better trained and equiped army and marines

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