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How clingy is clingy? Am I clingy?

OK, saw my girlfriend Tuesday last week, last Saturday, yesterday, now texting her wanting to see her on monday and maybe wednesday too. I keep saying in texts that I'm missing her and want to see her as soon as possible. She's always the one that says "This day's no good, let's do it 2 days later" but she always has a reason, it's never just "Not that day".

So, am I being clingy or what? Opinions of girls and gay men would probably be more reliable.


Found out that she's liked me for a lot longer than I have liked her and we only started going out 2 weeks ago. Apparently she's been into me for a whole year almost, on and off at least.

Update 2:

@Angela: She doesn't say she can't, the reason she couldn't do Tuesday was because she said she had 2 singing lessons, so she suggested thursday so I said I wanted to see her sooner than that so how about monday? Also I have exam on friday so want to revise on Thurs but I didn't mention that to her.

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    I think you're moving far too fast for a two week relationship. Slow it down a bit, let it build at a reasonable pace.

    Going from single one day to living in each others' pockets the next is far too abrupt a change. I wouldn't blame her if she was feeling a bit smothered.

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    Yes, I am sorry to say you are clingy. If you want a long lasting relationship give her some room. That way the longer wait to see each other the more special it will be when you see her.

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    Um, my boyfriend and I beg to see each other every day.

    Maybe you're more into her than she is to you.

    I don't think you're clingy, but maybe to her you are. To somebody who doesn't like their partner as much as their partner does them, you will seem clingy. Maybe you should look for somebody who wants to see you just as much.


    Maybe I don't need personal space, then. =)

    Let her make the plans. At least then she's not feeling overwhelmed. At the same time, your desire to see her often isn't being satisfied. Maybe you can talk on the phone /messenger more often?

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    yeh thats quite clingy. just talk to her like shes your best friend, but put in the occasional love comment. you should be the one getting her to meet you at your schedule. tell her youre going wherever on tuesday, does she wanna go or whatever.if she says no, make out liek youre going anyway.

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    i wish my boyfriend was more like that

    when u rlly love someone the u wanna spend as much time with them as u can

    or at least talk on the phone

    or myspace

    i think its fine

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    I'm not a girl, nor gay, but I'd say hangout Monday for sure, and wait to see if she asks YOU to hangout wednesday.

    if not, then you're probably smothering her.

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    aww. i dont think he's being clingy. its good that he wants to be with his gf. but don't throw it at her all at once. just take it day by day. and i hope she has a good reason cause idk but tht doesnt sound to good if u say she always says she cant.

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    Yea it is clingy, give her, her space, or she'll eventually push you away

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    Start talking to her again

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    i agree with Elton.

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