What's the deal with Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad?

I mean why don't they get along?. :]


The Hills finale rocked!!

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    Well, the two girls were on the MTV show Laguna Beach together about four or five years ago. Kristin dated Stephen Colletti for pretty much the whole season and Lauren (or LC as they called her on the show) was Stephen's best friend, who had a semi-obvious crush on him. Kristin and Lauren never really liked each other, they just didn't get along. They were pretty much all in a love triangle. Then, Stephen and Lauren started to flirt and supposedly "hooked up" when Kristin and Stephen were fighting. Kristin got angry, Lauren was angry at Kristin for her accusations and it never got solved. Lauren left for college and Kristin stayed in Laguna Beach for her last year of high school. They just never even took the time to work it out. Now, Stephen is friends with Lauren and doesn't really talk to Kristin. So, when they saw each other four years later, the tension began. That's the full story and why they don't get along. You should really watch the first season of Laguna Beach to really see the fued.

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    Yeah, it's pretty much left over high school drama.

    And Kristin is kind of a desparate person, Lauren leaves the Hills and Kristin is like OH HEY ILL BE ON IT.

    Because she wants to be famous...but she seemed pretty bitchy on the finale.

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    It all goes back to Laguna Beach. Kristen was dating Stephen Colletti but Stephen also liked Lauren

  • Because of Stephen Colletti

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah, this guy was pretty much bouncing between the both of them. He was playing them in a way. So, of course, as girls usually are, they hated each other rather than the guy.

    Source(s): I watched the whole first season of Laguna Beach.
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