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Ok, I NEED to get this moth out of my house, it's an elusive little bastard - any suggestions?

Here's the thing, I'm terrified of moths. And there a huge black one that has been appearing and then completely disappearing in the sitting room the past few days. And I seriously need to lure it out so I can kill it.

How can I lure it out? D:


Nooo, I need to tempt it our of it's hiding place!! D:

Update 2:

I tried that light thing and it didn't work. XD I swear, this moth is evil!!

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  • PJ
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    I don't suppose you have a shotgun? No? Okay....

    You could try putting out various food stuffs. It has to eat eventually, right? I'd try things like half an orange, some sugar water*.... something sweet and fragrant. Put it on a tray that you can carry. Then when the little bastard sits down for breakfast, cover the tray with a big bowl and take it outside.

    But seriously, if you can get a shotgun it'd be a lot more fun!

    *these recommendations are based on absolutely nothing. I'm no moth expert, dammit.

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    Moths are attracted to light..Shut the shades and draw the curtains and turn on a lamp..have a cap ready to catch it in..Or the most simple way is to just open all your windows for an hour or so. Make the rooms as dark as possible except around the will fly out..There is no reason to kill it..It can't harm you at all.

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    A moth cannot harm you in anyway (unless you are a wool sweater) so there is absolutely no reason to fear one. Wait till night. Turn off all lights except one near the door (f it can be seen from the sitting room) then as the moth goes to it, open the door, turn on a light outside, turn off the inside one. Moths go to lights, so you just lead him out by light.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Lolol funny thing is, there's a cockroach under my bed right now and I can't get it out so I'm practically sleeping above a effng fat roach D:

    I just sat outside for like 20 mins ready with my dads powerful barkers deodorant waiting for it to come out so I could spray the **** out of it but it's still under there Ive given up.

    hmm, moths.... get some dusty fabric it may like it.

    Hope ur okay and the moth .. dies.

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    Woah WHAT a coincidence! This happened to me the other night, too! I opened my windows for ages to try and get it to fly out but it just stayed in and a huge spider crawled in from outside =/ So i wouldn't recommend that..

    The light thing is really the only idea I can think of and it's the one that usually works for me. That's what I had to do in the end, but I like "encouraged" it out with a pair of jeans - that I wasn't wearing, I mean xD

    Uhh, good luck! :-)

  • cirino
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    How To Draw A Moth

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    I usually get my dad to do these things, but I would throw a shoe at it, or spray air freshener on it, or turn out the light and RUN!

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  • Anonymous
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    You'll need a camoflauge hat, war paint, Raid, and a fly swapper.

    Or you could open a window....

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    Well you can get a portable fan and blow it out...

    Crappy idea,but thats all I got.


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