Is the Conservative Part to Labour, what Republicans are to Democrats?

If not, could you highlight the main ideologies of each (British) party?

Who is against abortion? Gay Marriage? Who is for more taxation? Who is in favor of a more socialistic society?etc.

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    The issues on abortion, homosexual civil partnerships and such like are a matter of personal conscience rather than defined by Right Wing or Left Wing. Religion plays quite a part:

    Catholics consider abortion a form of homicide, and would only support it if it can be justified - somewhat tricky. You will Catholics in all parties. Feminists are invariably for abortion, since they regard an unborn child a body organ. Again you find feminists in all parties. Everyone else is fairly pragmatic about it, and will go with the flow.

    Concerning homosexual civil partnership, this again is more of a religious issue than a political one, and you find supporters and opponents spread out in all the parties.

    Taxation is interesting. Before 1992, it was safe to assume that Labour was for high tax, high spending, and the Conservatives for low tax, low spending. However after Labour was humiliated in the 1992 General Election, the new guard led by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown ("New Labour") have followed largely the Conservative line on taxation. The third party for a long time held out for higher taxation, but under their current leader, Nick Clegg, they too have opted for low taxation.

    So at the moment all the major parties are in consensus for low taxation, non Socialist models, and there is no real voice for the Left. The Scottish and Welsh nationalists are probably the closest, and have considerably more socialistic policies than those of the UK parties.

    Having been in Government a while, the Labour Government are increasingly in the pockets of big business and suppressing the poor or anyone who gets in the way of big business. This is making them deeply unpopular with their core vote, and the party is disintegrating before our eyes. They have just lost control over all county councils in England.

    David Cameron, the Conservative leader, who is by no stretch of the imagination Working Class (he was educated at Eton, the British equivalent of Harvard), has put himself forward as the champion of the poor and downtrodden. In Opposition he can afford to do this, but whether he will in Government remains to be seen. Even though he is technically leader of a Centre-Right party, he seems a natural ally of President Obama, and I can see the two getting along famously.

    The other thing in the UK right now is the emergence of minor parties in the wake of serious ethical scandals in the House of Commons. It started with an Independent (Martin Bell) winning a seat on an Anti-Sleaze ticket, then another (Richard Taylor) winning and keeping his seat opposing the closure of the local hospital, and another (Dai Davies) who took over from another (Richard Law) who overturned the biggest majority in the country opposing All-Women Shortlists. Now there are parties gaining ground such as the BNP (Anti Immigration Ethnic Purity), Greens (Environment), UKIP (against the European Union), various fledgling socialist/communist parties, and an interesting one just arrived - the Jury Team - that proposes to dispense with parties entirely.

    So there are major differences between the political structure in the UK and the USA.

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    Not really i would say other way about if anything. Not a very good comparison, I would say that ideas on abortion change from MP toMP no matter what party so no matter who is in power there is an equal chance of pro or anti abortionlaws being passed. The same goes for gay marriage but i doubt either party will ban gay marriage. Labour should be in favour of a more socialist society, and the Conservatives are definetly in favour of more taxation - look at Margaret Thatcher

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    I am a member of the UK Labour Party, so that's my vote. I live in Bedfordshire, Southern England. The reason I am Labour is because I see them as the only party who stand up for social justice that have a chance at government. The case being that there are only two real choices here now that the Liberal Democrats are dead in the water. It is more of a case of hating the Conservatives than really liking Labour

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    No, the Conservative are to Liberal democrats, what Republicans are to Democrats. Labour is in the middle.

    Some Irish (catholic) party's will be against abortion but none of the main ones are, same with gay marriage. The conservatives want to make the poor poorer and the rich richer. Liberal democrats are more socialist.

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    Essentially but we have three main parties, The Democrats are a mixture of Labour and Liberal Democrat, the Dems being less socialist based than the Labour Party. The Conservatives are a less religious Republican party. Although US centralised polictcis is further to the right than in the UK so Obamas policies would probably make him Conservative here.

  • There is not as huge a gap between them as there is between the American parties.

    Technically the Conservatives are right wing and the Labour Party left wing, but they are now basically indistinguishable policy-wise.

    People choose based on which one has the least sleaze really, which is why Labour got annihilated in this week's council elections.

    Most of Britain is for abortion, so both parties support it, but it is still illegal in Northern Ireland which is part of the UK, and all 4 major Northern Ireland parties (Sinn Fein, DUP, SDLP and UUP) recently signed a petition to keep it illegal, due to majority public opinion.

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    Yes, the conservative party (the Torrie's) would be akin to Yank Republican party

    The Labour party would be akin to the Yank Democrat party.

    The main difference right now in England is immigration. Labour is pro immigration. The conservative movement is "England is for the English", get out, stay out, keep them out. I think immigration is the biggest divider of the two English parties at present time.

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    No, they are a little different, I think it goes back to disreali who changed the dynamics of the british parties. he realized that conservativism and labor go hand in hand.

    no so in the states

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    The Conservative party is pro homosexual, Higher taxes. That group is the elite snobs.

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