How do you pronounce "privacy"?

Hello Answers UK, I have a question. I asked on Answers Italy if I should pronounce "privacy" /'prɪvəsɪ/ or /'praɪvəsɪ/.

Well, I read that the "classic pronounce" of British English is /'prɪvəsɪ/.

But, if I pronounce /'prɪvəsɪ/ everybody, here in Italy, looks at me badly, because here the most of people pronounce it /'praɪvəsɪ/, as American people do.

Dictionaries say that in UK there are two pronounces of "privacy", and in USA only one (/'praɪvəsɪ/).

My question is: How do you pronounce it? Please write if you come from UK, USA, or from another country.



Do you pronounce /'prɪ-/ or /'praɪ-/ ?

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    The two pronunciations are equally correct and in Britain, both are frequent. I usually pronounce it /'praɪvəsɪ/ as do the majority of people with whom I speak. However, I also use the other, older pronunciation /'prɪvəsɪ/, as that was the way I first learned to say it.


    What's with the thumbs down? There is no one 'right' way to say it.

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    I'm from Australia, but I live in Japan and use English in mostly international contexts. I use /'praɪ-/ because it's less marked (ie. it's canonical) in more standard varieties of English.

    If you have to choose just one, I'd recommend /'praɪ-/, though there's nothing wrong with using different pronunciations in different contexts. People do it all the time (e.g. using a more colloquial pronunciation in informal situations).

    If you're planning on using your English in academic contexts in the UK, and your accent in general is more British than American, then I recommend /'prɪ-/ (at least in those contexts).

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    I'm from England and normally say praɪvəsɪ, occasionally I will say prɪvəsɪ (both are right)

    I really don't think it matters what you use, everyone would understand but I think praɪvəsɪ is said more often and since it's said in most English speaking countries, I would go with that one


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    Pronuncia come preferisci, io insegno inglese in Italia, sono madrelingua inglese, e gli italiani a volte mi correggono! Solo le persone ignoranti, sai. Io pronuncio privacy, ma in italia tutti dicono praivacy, che fa più esotico. Ricordati però che dicono anche 'Idward' invece di 'Edward' (sbagliatissimo dappertutto). Perchè non provi a dire "riservatezza" o "intimità"? E tagli la testa al toro, come vedi da tutte le risposte, non ce n'è una univoca... Usa la pronuncia che preferisci, e che ti viene più naturale.

    The best of British luck...

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    I say praivacy and I come from New Zealand although prihvacy is also said here. I say Med-ih-cine and some say Med-sin for medicine.

    Generally we follow the UK pronunciation in NZ but sometimes the US

  • I am from the UK (Scotland) and i pronounce it "prɪ-" as do most of the people who live in my area.

    Just say it the way you find the easiest.

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    praɪvəsɪ all the way! Im from New Zealand which is "suposed" to be a mini England and thats how we pronounce it, especially us teens lol. And yeah people will give you 'the look' if you pronounce it 'prɪvəsɪ and that way sounds wierd anyway.

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    prahy-vuh-see<<< this gives u how to say it next to prahy-vuh-see youll see this icon that has this hearing thing click on it and the word will say it :)

    itll look itll be btween this :


      /ˈpraɪvəsi; Brit. also ˈprɪvəsi/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [prahy-vuh-see; Brit. also priv-uh-see] Show IPA

    between has this icon on the sound and yea

    Source(s): from Australia but i think the site is USA
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    Many Brits pronounce it 'pry-vacy' but i actual fact it should be priv-acy as there is no 'e' after the 'v'.

    hope that helps, good luck.

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