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how to slove 夢遺

Did you try to 夢遺...

When you wake up,

you see your 內褲 夢遺

What should you do??

Let share it!!

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  • yu lik
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    O ... how old are you?

    Nocturnal emission 夢遺 is very common for a teenagers even a man.

    Their testis which is under the penis, will produce sperm and store inside. When there are too much sperm storage, your brain will give a signal to your penis. Then your penis will erect and spread out semen while you are sleeping.

    After mocturnal emission, you will wake up. Then you need to clear all the things. Exchanging you underwear.

    Actually, you can prevent it. You can try to wear boxer instead of triangle shape underwear.

    When you are sleeping, you try not to sleep in a heavy blanket. This can prevent friction. Friction can erect your penis.

    Finally, you can masturbation. Spreading out some of the semen, your penis will not erect when you are sleeping.

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