Does anyone know what this movie is, Its about mouse kids and their parents die and its just them and their?

teacher, the littlest mouse Becca I think her name is, gets sick and they have to go and get this herb that grows on the side of a cliff and on the way a bird tries to eat them. I cant for the life of me figure it out!



Thats it!! Thank you!!

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    Once Upon a Forest (1993)

    Wikipedia synopsis:

    The story opens in a forest known as Dapplewood where "Furlings," a term for animal children, live alongside their teacher Cornelius. The four Furlings central to the story are Abigail, a woodmouse; Russell, a hedgehog; Edgar, a mole; and a badger named Michelle, who is Cornelius' niece.

    One day, the four children go on a trip through the forest with Cornelius, where they see a road for the first time. Russell is almost run over by a careless driver, who throws away a glass bottle, which shatters in the middle of the road. Cornelius orders the Furlings to forget the road altogether. The ramble ends in a boat ride. Afterward, they go back to the forest to find out that it has been destroyed with poison gas from an overturned tanker truck that blew a tire from the broken glass bottle while transporting chlorine gas.

    Michelle goes into her house, only to breathe some of the gas and become severely ill, the gases inside the house have already killed both of her parents. Abigail manages to save her, and the Furlings go to Cornelius' house nearby for shelter. There, Cornelius tells the Furlings that they need to fetch two herbs that can help Michelle: lungwort and eyebright. With only a limited amount of time, they head off for their journey the next day.

    You can read the rest of the summary here:

    This might not be it, as it's different types of animals, but it has the deceased parents and the ill child-creature. Perhaps someone else will recall what it might be.

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