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How do you get rid of Silverfish?

These things give me the creeps! I have silverfish in my basement, and I like to sleep there sometimes. I've awoken (or turned on the lights) to find one or two on the walls. We have two small windows in our basement, and I thought that they might possibly come from there. What exactly is it that attracts them? And how do I get rid of them?!

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    Silverfish are harmless to people. They like to eat sugar, starches, paper, and will even eat each other. A very good poison to use is either boric acid or laundry borax. It can be mixed with powdered sugar or cornstarch so it gets eaten. It is safe for people to be around, has no smell, and is a natural poison for any chewing insect (including ants, roaches, carpet beetles, etc.) Just sprinkle the mixed powders along baseboards, under carpets, on top of door frames and window frames. All the places bugs like to travel. They will soon disappear.

    I use this all the time, It works great.

    You can get boric acid at some hardware stores, and borax is in the laundry supply area of many typical stores.

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    Reduce humidity. Water is the key element for silverfish survival. Ventilate attics and basements. Invest in dehumidifiers and fans. Remove water sources. Replace or fix leaky pipes and faucets. Close shower curtains completely. If you don’t have to worry about pets or children getting into it, place silica gel in corners, holes, cracks, and in the cupboard under the sink.

    Silverfish are able to live up to a year without food. Be sure to sweep, vacuum, or mop diligently. Silverfish eat cereal grains, starches, and anything else they can find. They also eat paper, paper sizing, and book glue, so keep papers, magazines, and books in containers with tight lids. Cotton, silk, and linen are also tasty, so pick up the laundry and pay attention to what your rugs are made of. Get rid of mold, too; it’s also on the menu.

    Wallpaper glue can serve as a silverfish meal. If the corners or the edges of a strip of wallpaper are peeling or coming up, you will need to either reattach it, cut it off, or, worst case scenario (and most effective), remove the wallpaper altogether.

    Common silverfish do not like heat or light. They prefer temps between 70 and 80° F. If you can tolerate it, heat the infested room to above 80°F or cool it to 60°F. Use light to force them into areas where they are easier to control.

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    Any product that kills cockroaches will kill silverfish they are in the same family. They may of come into your house with a lumber delivery. Lumber yeards are crawling with them since they like wood and the glues used in laminates.

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    Moth balls or cedar lining

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