Where are Julie Nelson & Linda Tracey the authors of "True Confessions & Wild Adventures of Two Rent-A-Girls"?

I am looking for news about "Julie Nelson" and "Linda Tracey" the authors of "True Confessions & Wild Adventures of Two Rent-A-Girls" book of 1973.

They were 23 and 24 years old respectively in 73 (today are around 60-years-old).

I am just a great fan of them and i don't find any other information about them, please help me!

If you know something but don't wanna answer here, please just send me a private message, thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Man, i think its a very difficult question...

    Maybe they've used "Julie Nelson" & "Linda Tracey" as nick names if they were telling their own real stories as rent-a-girls...

    Of course there are other persons in the net with the same names, that´s also the problem..

    But who knows if "Julie" or "Linda" or some of their relatives who know their real past, can read this question and decide to contact you in a private message?

    I see you're a real fan of them, maybe they would like to talk with you after reading this question...

    Good luck!

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