senior citizen discounts toward utility bills?

are senior citizens eligible for some discounts toward their utility bills?

- please tell me which company provides it aswell..

- or any other helpful information for senior citizens to save money..

thank just trying to help my parets out...

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    You have to call each of the utility companies that serve your parents

    home or apartment. Each utility company has their own policies and

    programs. We have used a program for the telephone company for

    low incomed seniors. And we paid a flat fee of $10.00 each month.

    With the electric company we had to pay for their service for several

    months, before we qualified for a special senior program. We paid one

    flat fee every month of the year. If we paid in more than we used, we

    would get a small refund at the end of that year. We never found a

    program for the water/sewage system, however. Nor for the waste

    management/garbage pick up. But at least, two companies were of

    help and we appreciated that. Since every company is different, you]

    have to do the calling to find out. No one here can possibly give

    you the info you seek. Especially not knowing where your parents


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    Discounts On Electricity Bills

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    how much could your grandmother be calling if she reverses the charges to family or family calls her? Are you saying other family members are using her phone? Ok, let's say she has a $25 bill (which is the taxes and all the stuff the state and county adds to it and the monthly charge for the phone) if her state is economically/fiscally sound (several aren't right now) her state may bring that bill down to about $10 (balllpark figure). There are programs for the poor that help with the electric bill during bad winters or heavy usage months in the summer. They here pay for 3 months but it's a one-time service. Perhaps cutting her usage might help like closing off rooms not used and unplugging everything except what's in use, and doing things like insulating the doors and windows and using insulated draperies. What other discounts is she looking for?

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    there is no actual senior discount here where I live but there are programs that help me out. Energy assistance is based on your income to help with winter heating costs. I get enough that it pays my complete gas bill for about 6 months. The power company has a program where if you let them put a switch on your air conditioning unit that they can use to cycle your air conditioner during peak power usage times, they'll give you a $9.00 credit each month through June, July and August. It really doesn't make a noticeable difference in my cooling.

    There are programs out there. You just need to find them. These two really help me. Contact both your utility companies and your local community action council.

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    I only know programs available for low income seniors. I learned those from my county branch of the federal Department of Family and Children Services. It's called the Power Assistance program, and varies from county to county and state to state. The power company itself also offers a small discount for low income. Another idea is checking with their favorite grocer to see if there's a Seniors Discount day. Another is the MSN site that keeps track per zip code of the lowest-priced gas as it changes. Another is when they need new clothes, to go to clearances online. Even with shipping and handling, it's less trying than in-and-out on foot looking for that certain white shirt and costs no gas.

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    Where I live there are no special discounts on utilities for seniors. There are programs to assist low income families with heating cost. It's based on income and how many people are in the household

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    find out which company your parents are paying their utility bills to

    then contact that company and ask if there is a Senior discount

    you might have to provide proof of income

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    Check by state. California seniors do get discounts, Nevadans do not.

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    Contact their local DHHR. They will give you the answers you're looking for.

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    Oklahoma does not as far as I know

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