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How many of the OT deaths were directly caused by god? Exactly how many were directly caused by Satan?


I was looking more for actual numbers..I've read the death counts for both sides, just wanted to see who else has.

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    god killed them all, satan killed nobody except Jobs children but that was only because god told him to do it because of a bet they made.

    God genocided every nation israel ever came in contact with, killed all the first born children in egypt, flooded the earth killing every human alive except noah and much much more.

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    Every instance of death and destruction caused by Man in the Bible (especially in the books of Judges and Kings) are also caused by Satan, who is the instigator behind-the-scenes. It is he who tempts humans to act wickedly and do all kinds of evil. The only destruction caused by God in the OT is against those who are willful and disobedient, especially the Israelites, who should know better. God's actions are punishments against those who need to be obedient. Whom God loves, He chastises. God's love is not a "smothering" love, but a "correcting" love, like a good parent. Notice that whenever the children of Israel were obedient, they were greatly blessed and everything went very well. God even enabled them to have victory over other tribes several times larger than they were. When the Israelites strayed away from God, they were "corrected", and they would come back and repent again, then everything would go well again.

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    All of them....

    YHWH caused the literal death through his servants, of all those who were in a spiritual death cause by Satan.

    So, YHWH and Satan caused their deaths. Many from the flood, were preached to by the authority of Jesus, after death, in proson, so that the spirits in prison might repent. There is still chance for some to repent after death.

    1 Peter 3:18b.. he (Jesus) being put to death in the flesh, but being made alive in the spirit.

    19) In this state also he (Jesus) went his way and preached to the spirits in prison,

    20) who had once been disobedient when the patience of God was waiting in Noah's days, while the ark was being constructed, in which a few people, that is, eight soul, were carried safely through the water.

    Welcome Jesus earth's new King!

    Thank you Yahweh!!

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    I'll help you out on this one, okay?

    Satan can't do anything God does not allow him to do.

    Then there is the famous quote:

    "The Lord giveth,

    And the Lord taketh away.

    Blessed be the Name of the Lord

    I know this is very difficult for you to understand, but the fact is that God has every right and reason to do whatever He deems right to do, including cause death.

    Don't you know that everything on this planet that has life in it must die?

    If it were not so, how could there ever be an end to the suffering in this world, and the hope of bliss in the next?

    But let's consider a particular case, just for the helluvit.

    There is a cult living in Nevada (no offense to folks in Nevada, this is a hypothetical).

    These people are very devoted to their belief in their god.

    Every spring, at the new moon, all the girls who reached maturity that year must run naked through a particular grove. After they've had a bit of a head start, the single men are released to catch and rape as many as they can. This is done to insure that their animals will be fertile, and their crops will thrive.

    But that isn't even the worst of it. Later that evening, after the young girls are all brought back, cleaned up, and dressed, all the babies that were born to last year's crop of girls are brought out. They'd be about three months old now. They are brought to the place where the huge statue of their god stands, and...

    They are thrown alive into a fire to be sacrificed to the god.

    Every man and woman involved in this cult defends this sacrifice with their lives. They are well armed and plan to fight off any attempt to breach their compound. They have no intention of stopping, and claim that they have the right to practice their religion as they choose. They compare these infants to late term abortions, and claim that they have every right to burn them in the fire.

    Are they murderers? I'd say so.

    Do they deserve the death penalty?

    Some folks would agree that they should be executed, both for the rather violent rape of the young girls, as well as for the murder of these babies.

    So...if God were to...I dunno, cause an earthquake, or maybe a flood (well, it's God...He could cause a flood in Nevada if He wanted to!), and wiped these folks out, would that be alright? Or, assuming that no legal recourse is available, should He just allow this to go on?

    Suppose He tries to reach them...suppose He sends folks to warn them, and they tell them that God is about to send the U.S. government in to wipe them out, unless they knock it off? Should our National Guard go in there, guns blazing, and try to rescue as many infants and young girls as possible?


    But when God does these things in the OT, He is a an evil tyrant.

    Of course, if He sits tight and lets them go on, He's also a neglectful God.

    Ummm...excuse me, but God doesn't owe you an explanation, anyhow.

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    Satan: 10 (all approved by God)

    God: over 2 million (can't count the ones for which numbers weren't given, like the presumed millions drowned in the Flood, Plagues, etc.)

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    Several million by God.

    Like 4 by Satan.

    Source(s): Who's the evil one??? O.o
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    For God: Hundreds of thousands, if not millions

    Satan: 10

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    I wonder where you get such strange ideas from. ummm could it

    be ummm Satan (aka Mykael Libertine) ... that godless heathen.

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    since sin was cause by satan and man introduced corruption to the world through sin, then man is the direct cause of more death directly, seconded by satan indirectly.

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    Let me put it this way:

    You find "eternal" life through finding God.

    You find "eternal" damnation through finding Satan.

    These are dependent upon the choices of the people. People will lose their life for God's sake, or lose their life for Satan's sake.

    I guess you'd have to take each story in the bible and evaluate that person's/group's/civilization's direction and choices as a part of answering this question.

    Some suffered death because of martyrdom, some suffered death as a consequence of their actions.

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    Satan: I think only Job's sons.

    God....quite a few...ranging in multiple city-states

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