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do planks help you loose belly fat?

does it help loose belly fat and build abs?

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    They are a good part of a plan to lean up, BUT No. You can not spot reduce one area of your body. Below is what I tell people who ask this question:

    The best way to loose a belly is change your diet and become more active (weights and cardio).

    I know that you are asking specifically to the area of the body as the stomach/abdominal (belly) area, and I have some good tips at getting in better physical form, but the bad news is that there is no such thing as spot reducing, but the more you workout an areas the better chances of toning up due to building muscle while burning calories.

    As I have told other people, many of who have lost a great amount of weight, try these recommendations:

    - Cut out junk food and empty calories.

    - Eat more protein and a lot less carbs.

    - Try eating six small meals around (200 cal. but that depends on your muscle mas and body weight) every two hours.

    - Don't eat any cabs past 6pm.

    - Lift weights and do cardio, but lifting weights should be a big focus. (try 30-45 mins of lifting and 25-35 mins of cardio after lifting).

    - try to put together a full body workout plan, where you are lifting 3-4 days a week with a day off between and different muscle groups each time.

    Some foods that are great to eat are:

    Oatmeal, Whey protein, egg whites, green vegetables, low fat yogurt, cottage cheese, tuna, low fat whipcream for a snack, and smart one ice creams for a cheat, soy chips, apples, lunch meats like turkey, boiled chicken, brown rice, soy products, sprouted wheat products, turkey burger patties with no bread.

    Another tip is to try and journal your food intake and count calories you eat. And don't focus on your weight at first, just look for signs of your body toning up! If you can check your muscle mas and weight now and then that would help.

    Good luck! For more information look up cutting diets and light weight lifting routines.

    remember lots of water, protein!!!!, less carbs, no late night eating and NOOOO alcohol!!!

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    Plank Exercise For Weight Loss

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    You don't get rid of belly fat by doing crunches all that does is build up muscle underneath the fat. If you want to get rid of fat do cardio. And also your body chooses where the fat comes off there is no such thing as spot fat removal it is just not possible.

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    Hey, doing the plank you will build up endurance in both the abs and back, as well as stabilization in your muscles, the endurance and stabilization will make you lose weight and thereby ``belly fat´´

    by building up muscle (don't worry, its not six pack muscle) you'll get your back and belly nice and flat with a good shape!

    Hope it helped!

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    They don't help you to lose fat, but they do build your core muscles. Do walking planks and build up your arms and legs as well. If you want to lose fat, you have to lose weight. My body holds onto weight on my thighs the longest, so even 5 lbs heavier than my goal weight and I will see a difference.

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