87 cavalier problem it will not start just click?

i have a 87 chevy cavalier that wont start or do any thing i think its the ecm but not sure . i go put the keys init and turn the key and all the bells and whistles come on lights and everything then i turn it to crank it and it just cliks could it just be dirty connetion on the cables or what please let me know thanks
Update: ok i just charged the battery and it still keeps doing it and the battery is only 1 year old
Update 2: well i just tried it and it really clicked like it was going to turn but then i lost power all power
Update 3: oki cleaned them and put everything back together and i actually found a bare braded looking wire that is connected to my driver side fender no hocke to any thing so hocked it to the ground and it actually didnt clicked it rolled over a little but then made a gurgling sound when i turned it again
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