Is our reporting 'reliability' strictly account based -- or possibly IP based?

I've noticed that reported SPAM on YA seems to disappear more quickly when reported from my 'daytime' desktop computer than from my 'nightime' laptop, which has a different IP address. Is this just coincidence, maybe a difference due to number of other users (and therefore reporters) on the site, or because my reliability is IP linked? Thoughts?

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    Your TR (Trust Rating) is attached to your account. However when you are using it, they know what IP address and computer you are using it from.

    For example, if you happen to have 2 accounts, and report 5 spam or malware from one profile, these will drop. If you then log in with the other account, the later reports will NOT drop, exactly the same as if you reported more with the first account. This is the anti-stalking safeguard, matching same browser and IP on the 2 accounts.

    If you were to use the other account through a proxy, those would drop as well, as the connection is not made by the system. However, if you tried to make 5 more reports with the same (first) account through a proxy, they would not fall either, because it knows that account number has already made 5 reports on that profile.

    In other words they record both. But the TR belongs to the account, not the other items.

    USA daytime is a lot quieter, evenings are a lot busier. Everything goes slower at nighttime, because of the more users overall. Then also many regular reporters also operate at night, after work, which makes more work for the report processing "bot" or program.

    Experience with seriously overloading this bot during the Malware wars shows that it cycles through all reporters' report databases, BUT does not totally clear them out. It may process 5 or 10 at a time, then moves on to the next, to give equal coverage to everyone. (There is some indication that high TR might be associated partly with the bot "visiting" more often than it visits never-used accounts). At a time of day many are bulk reporting spammers, it takes longer to clear each queue, longer to get back to yours, so you may notice a delay.

    With Malware, and even today for someone reporting 300 spammers in a row, it gets to where nothing disappears for some hours. Then jubilation, "it's come good again!"....but it only lasts for the next 5 or 8 reports, because the storage is still not fully cleared.(Around 80 to 90 reports in very quick succession will actually cause a 3 hour 999 error).

    I imagine the same 10 to 15 minute cycle for the report processor as they use for the vote-resolver bot. So every 15 minutes take a short break. Either answer, or vote, or find fresh spammers and set them up in tabs for the next batch of reports. Do the reports quickly, then another break.

    Source(s): I went into a bit more detail than I normally would on Answers, where we don't know if trolls are reading the answers. This type of question is often discussed in more detail, by experienced users, at the Suggestions Board, where you are all welcome to ask or contribute.
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    As long as you are on the same account I can't see how they would distinguish between the two.

    My thoughts are that it is a coincidence that on should have a higher rate with reporting. I suspect it will be the timing, with more others reporting during the daytime, than in the evening.

    As you are aware it takes one or more reports to have a Q or A removed so if you are noticing a fast removals, you may be the second or third person to report.

    I believe that if you add a comment to the report box they seem to be deleted quickly. I think they must be flagged in some way and the answers team check them out straight away.

    Those are my thoughts.

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    Hey Yahzmin

    If it is based on IP, Yahoo! Responses using a program that controls our IP and know which are automatically and without any kind of infringement that has people working on it, in many cases.

    If you're right and, when using multiple computers to information about violations, Yahoo Answers could think of two people who are reporting on this ticket and it is easier for the infringement to be eliminated ... or because you Yahoo Answers have more confidence to the account of another person, and everything depends on the IP, because this is how Yahoo! Answer all the controls from the community memb Yahoo! Responses, but these might be problems because there are many people who have more than one computer and can do terrible things in real Yahoo! Answers.

    Sorry for my English.


  • Rico
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    1 decade ago

    I agree with "nas88caror...". I recently changed my ISP (this should change my IP, right?), and didn't notice a difference in my reliability. Either before or after changing my ISP, when I report level 1 Spam-bots sometimes their "answers" disappear right away and in other times they survive. I'm sure that a single report by a high level user is usually enough to delete *answers* posted by level 1 users/Spam-bots. Exceptions are probably due to: "Not all questions and answers are being moderated by the community. Some reports are still being sent to customer care team for review."

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  • Tracy
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    1 decade ago

    Glad to see this instructive type of Q come up. I've been wondering

    types of things like this, but haven't had the 'lingo' to put into a

    proper Q. I've gotten very sporadic here because of this and a

    few other 'glitches', and haven't had hopes of having them addressed

    as I'm still somewhat cyber-challenged.

    However, I will say that Yaz has been incredibly instrumental

    informative and instructional regarding navigating the Y!A waters,

    and I've always got a grateful heart and open ear (and eyes) when

    Yaz 'speaks'.

    So, thanks Y!A, for being a place where people like us can learn

    and grow from one another's cooperative interaction on this site.

    thanks for the Q :) I look forward to reading the Best Answer

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    This would definitely explain why nothing happens when I use any of the 27 different computers I have access to at work, and my 14 year old granddaughter gets immediate results when using the computer at my house. I have seen things she reported for being "too adult" or for answering a question with "IDK" just to get points, disappear almost immediately, and really serious violations i have reported at work just stay on the site until someone else apparently reports them also

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Definitely IP based. When on a trip and I use any other computer my spam reporting does not occur immediately

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    IP based sounds right

  • 1 decade ago

    i have always wondered that my self

    sometimes when i report something it disappears immediately and then other times its still there /its hard to say .. but i bet its just the user

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