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my husband is in the national guard and getting deployed in november for the first time?

and he is freaking out, and so am i. what are the current conditions over in afghanistan? are soldiers still dieing over there?, he is a combat engineer. how long do you think he will be over there? and what do we need to do to prepare? any info would be helpful, we have no other family members in the military, so we dont really know how all this stuff works. thanks in advance. if you need more info. i will uptate.


he is not afraid, "I" his WIFE is affraid, he is just freakin out about how all the stuff works, comunications, and how long he will be over there, and how to prepare for deployment

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  • Mark B
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    1 decade ago
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    Conditions are much better than it appears in the media. You should make sure you are involved in the FRG - Family Readiness Group. That will help a lot.

    It is almost guaranteed he will be over there for 1 year. Figure 13 months total time gone for deployment training and post-mobilization.

    As a combat engineer, he could be involved with route clearance or building/reinforcing some of the bases.

    For preparation:

    Get your finances in order and review all of the things he does (paying bills, servicing cars, mowing the lawn, etc.)

    Get a will, power of attorney if needed, and any other legal documents (the military lawyers will prepare these for free. It helps if you meet with a lawyer prior to going to the mobilization station)

    Talk to the kids so they know what is going on. Figure out ways to get them involved. Maybe take a class picture that he can take with him.

    Check your life insurance amount to see if it is sufficient. The miitary gives 400,000 for SGLI. Most civilian policies won't pay for "acts of war".

    Check on your car insurance to see if it will be reduced with him not driving.

    The Soldier's Sailors Relief Act comes into play. You can contact your credit card companies and mortgage company to have your rates reduced to 6%. Some credit card companies will even reduce the rate to ZERO (USAA). If you have USAA credit cards or insurance, contact them. If you don't, you should check into their services. They are used to dealing with the military and will even help go through a checklist to make sure you have thought of everything.

    Budget some money for him at the mobilization station. There are always some things he will want to buy.

    Communications is spotty and depends a lot of where he is. There is usually internet access, but it may be limited to certain times of the day and he may have to wait in line. I thought email and IM was best for contacting. Telephone meant 1 hour phonecalls and that was rough when we first arrived and were working 15+ hour days. If he can find a DSN (Autovon) phone, he can call a stateside military base and ask them to transfer to a local number. Then, he can contact you for free. Those phones are official office phones, so he may not have access. Chaplains and MWR will pass out phonecards, but a "100 minute" phone card means 10 minutes overseas time. I've seen Soldiers spend most of their pay on telephone cards and cell phone minutes to call home. It is better to stay in touch via email and come home with a lot of cash. Then, you can plan a nice trip.

    He can expect to get 2 weeks leave sometime during the deployment. He DOES NOT have to take it. I didn't. My wife didn't want to say goodbye again. That meant when i returned, I had over 30 days leave. It was nice to stay at home while the kids were out of school and not have to go back to work right away.

    Saying goodbye will be tough. Don't count the days. Don't worry yourself sick when you don't hear from him for a few days. Use the FRG to share your concerns and find out information. DON'T listen to rumors. Be careful about family members "trying to help". They don't know what you are going through and may cause more problems. BE SELFISH when it comes to family members. If he comes home for 2 weeks, don't let the rest of the family hijack him and keep the two of you from spending time together.

    Source(s): Iraq 2007-2008 Reserve officer
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    He will probably be deployed to Iraq at some point in his career. What MOS did he sign up for? That's a big factor in figuring out how often and to where he'll be deployed. He most likely won't get shipped anywhere until he finishes his MOS school, but he will be deployed. If not to Iraq, he'll get to go somewhere else. It is scary to face a pregnancy with a spouse in the military, and possibly being deployed.. but just remember thousands of us have gone before you and it'll be ok ;)

  • 1 decade ago

    First off he needs to calm down. It is scary, but freaking out during a time of war is the first, and often times the last, step to being killed. Soldiers are still dying over there, but still more people die in the United States than they do over seas. Being that he's in the Army he can expect to be there probably about 12 months or so.

  • 1 decade ago

    Unfortunately weekend warriors deploy was well and some times doesn't get the same amount of training and experience. His "high ups" will give him information and there is usually a support group that meets like once a month for spouses.

    Most National Guard people think its a free ride and they get a check monthly. The consquences are really high. I hope the money was worth it.

    It depends on his exact location. Causalities happen but I don't' know the exact condition over there.

    Source(s): Was a military brat and now a military spouse
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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes people are being killed in afganistan

    He will deploy for 12 months, but he will be on active duty longer than that.

    You need a will, a power of attorney

    If you have a house, then you need to make sure its in good shape before he leaves.

    You need to know how to pay all your bills, and how to do simple stuff around the house, Ligt bulbs, mow grass, etc.

  • 1 decade ago

    When the National Guard is activated, it is usually for a year. It is not a full out war, but people are still dying, all with suicide bombers and sniper fire, it is not the safest place to be.

  • 2xJ-58
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I will include him in my prayers and hope that he returns to you safely.

    Source(s): liiffee
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if he was afraid of deploying, he shouldnt have joined the military

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