Do you know any amputee forums?

The only one I know of is the Heather Mills forum. Are there any other active ones?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    disaboom also has an Amputee section

    Here are three I found off the top of my head. Disaboom is pretty slow but usually good at keeping out devotees and weirdos. There are lots of facebook groups but like with the links I mentioned watch out.

    If you're looking for online support groups the best thing you can do is contact organizations like The Amputee Coalition of America , The War Amps or your local prosthetic clinic. They should be able to help you find links to safe or mostly safe amputee websites.

  • Amputee Coalition Of America (ACA)

    ACA has a message forum but you need to meet certain registration requirements before you are granted access.

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