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Baby names with a musical influence!?

i need baby name ideas that are inspired by music preferably classic rock like of the sixties and seventys.

for example if i end up having a boy his name is going to be Lennon.

I need girl names!


I am very familar with that era in music and I am a big fan which is why i am considering naming my child after influences of that time. I dont need to "study up" Im just looking for some more ideas to go with the ones i already have! Theres no need to be rude!

Update 2:

Annnnd im not just looking to name her after a "60's or 70's rocker" mostly im looking for inspriation from thier songs! roxanne was a very good suggestion

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ahh there's so many, the music of that time was so good

    You could try, Ruby, (Ruby Tuesday, the rolling stones)-also cat stevens



    Sara, Jolene, Maggie, Isis (bob dylan)

    Cynthia (Lennon's first wife..or yoko..)

    Ophelia The Band

    Polly The Byrds

    Amanda (the rolling stones)









    ^all the beatles

    Gloria -them

    delilah-tom jones

    layla-eric clapton

    wilson pickett-sally

    rhonda, caroline, barbara ann-the beach boys

    suzanne-leonard cohen

    allison, veronica-elvis costello

    carol-simon and garfunkel

    cecilia-the kinks

    thats all i can think of for now, good luck

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  • 4 years ago

    What is your all-time favorite girl's name? There's so many girls names I really like, I'm not sure which is my all-time favorite. Maybe Sienna. How about your all time favorite boy's name? Ryan. Do you have kids? not yet. =( If so what are their names? If you had to name a girl something musical it would be________? I don't know, I don't know anything musical. What's your name? Katelyn Elizabeth. Do you have any nicknames? Kate, Kat, Katie, KatieBeth. KatieLynn. If you had to name a girl or a boy something to do with your favorite movie______? Ryan Pacey. Pacey after Dawson's Creek. That's a show though. Do you prefer classic or modern names? Modern first names with classic middles. If you have any pets, what are their name? Yes. I have 3 dogs. Toby(Tobias), Stella, and Roxy. Adrianna or Arianna? Arianna. Hayden or Holden? Holden. Bianca or Ella? Ella. What if you had to name a boy a color? Colby. Do you change your mind a lot when it comes to names? No. What's in a name? I never understood this question.

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  • 1 decade ago



    Maggie May






    Eva (as in Little Eva singing Locomotion)

    Penny Lane




    Barbara Ann


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  • 1 decade ago

    Let's think about this for a minute.

    You want to name your children after 60s-70s rockers, but you can't name ONE female artist from that era?

    Does it strike you as a good idea to get a series of names you may not be able to associate with anyone, from people you've never met?

    Before coming up with your theme, you should probably do a little research on it.

    I can think of quite a number:

    Carly (Simon)

    Carole (King)

    Stevie (Nicks)

    Christie (McVie)

    Janis (Joplin)

    Grace (Slick)

    Joan (Baez)

    Joni (Mitchell)

    Study up.

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  • emily
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Lucy like "in the sky with diamonds"

    Roxanne was a good suggestion



    I know there's a lot more but I'll never think of them while trying too hard.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Jasmine...Nickname Jazz




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  • 1 decade ago

    Joni (as in Mitchell)

    Stevie (as in Nicks) (i think this would be rad on a girl)

    But I agree with an above poster, why would you choose a name for a girl that you can't even identify with?

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  • 1 decade ago

    I love the name Lennon. I was planning on using it, but now it's on the top 1000 list, and that makes me sad.



    Melody - Cute nickname Mel


    Cadence - Cute nickname Cady


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  • 1 decade ago


    Roxanne (the police)

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