NCAA Football 2009 Teams?

What are the FCS East, FCS West, FCS Southeast, FCS Midwest, and FCS Northwest Teams? are they even real players? and why are they so horrible?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Those teams are a representation of the FCS (Football Championship Subdivision) football teams (formally Division 1-AA schools) such as Furman, Appalachian State, and other schools like that. FBS (formally Division 1-A schools) stands for Football Bowl Subdivision and these teams include schools like Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma ect. Since NCAA 09 does not have FCS schools on the game, they put the FCS East, West ect. in there so schools could schedule FCS opponents in dynasty mode. These are not real teams. Think of them as an All-Star version of a bunch of FCS schools. The players of these teams have really low ratings because these teams are supposed to be a "cupcake" or an easy team to beat.

    Source(s): I am a long time college football fan and a long time player of EA's NCAA Football series.
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    Fcs Midwest

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    4 years ago

    yea they should, they had them in 08

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